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Photo Observation


Photo Credit: John Poppleton, (Check out this link, all of the photographs are really cool.)

Theme: Surreal

Description: The first thing I think of in terms of lighting when I hear surreal is blacklights, or UV lights. UV light looks crazy, like someone took normal light and turned it on its head. It makes the subjects look very strange and almost alien-esque.

This is surreal because the sunset is not something you typically see on a human body, and the human body isn’t usually blue, either. The blacklight cast on the woman’s back makes a sharp contrast between her plain skin and the painting, so it really comes to life. The orange light in front of her mixes with the blue color on her body and mimics the some of the pink and purple colors in the painting in her face and hair. It looks very otherworldly and surreal.




Date: 4/13/16 Time: 6 am  Location: Kevin’s room 

Objective: The light is simply a room full of black light posters with a black lightbulb illuminating the posters of the room; and the sunlight as it gently rises.

Subjective: What fascinated me when I witnessed it happen was that the black light reflecting off the pictures, providing a ominous-purple glow. But then, when the sun begins to rise, and let’s in the bright, yellow light it looked like the room was possessed by a spirit I.e, the blacklight and the sun slowly washed away the evil as the blacklight faded away with the sun. 

Journal Entry 5

1) Scorpion Hookah Lounge, 2/25/14, 10:33 PM

2) Objective Description: Colored lights poking through the smokey atmosphere

3) Subjective Description: I exhaled. All around me, smoke twisted and weaved through the air. Looking up, I saw bright red lights coming through the smoke, like the eyes of an evil creature. The smoke caught the beam, causing the light to spread around the room, like ruby slivers in the room. Behind the red light, blacklight peeked through, illuminating the white tapestry that hung from the ceiling, making them look like they were glowing. I sucked in again, soaking in my surroundings, and enjoying the dance of the smoke under the colored lights.


Photo Observation #4


3) Theme Nightlife

4) the Image is of a room with neon paint drawings on the wall, and some splashed on the floor, all being lit with a blacklight causing the trippy drawings to glow. This photograph represents nightlife to because of the colors being utilized. Yellows, greens, reds, and blues neon enough to be highlighters give a sense of adventure and fun. Even the highlighted paint on the floor makes the image look busy, as if it was inhabited with many people. The blacklight gives a cool blue light on all that isn’t being highlighted and that gives the impression of nighttime. Lastly, the position of the light source is randomly balanced upright on the floor, it wasn’t hung, it wasn’t planned; it was spontaniously placed on the floor and a big part of nightlife is spontaneity.