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Light Observation #3 – Candles

  1. Date: Valentine’s Day 2018, Time: about 7:20pm, Location: City Cellar Wine Bar & Grill, restaurant in Westbury, NY
  2. In a dimly lit restaurant, there are two walls lined with shelves of several LED candles, appearing to flicker continuously.
  3. With it being the eve of Valentine’s Day, the most common tradition associated with the holiday is to go out with a significant other for a romantic dinner. I am settling down at the table when I notice right in front of me, two walls parallel to each other. Both are aligned with warm, flickering candles, leading to either the door or the venue.

Photo Observation #3 – Night Life

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  2. Theme: Night Life
  3. While I personally do not and have not engaged in such activities, one’s definition of “night life” can be associated with young people, particularly high school and college students, going out to party and have a good time with friends. Personally, there is something so intriguing to me about a group of people just coming together for such an occasion. Most likely, there would be music blaring through the speakers while everyone is jumping to the beat. The image depicting an explosion of light and color also makes it come across as a crazily fun experience.

Lighting Observation #2 – Home

  1. Date: 2/8/18, Time: 10:02 pm, Location: My kitchen
  2. There are several small fluorescent tubes underneath the kitchen cabinets that shine down on the kitchen counter(s). The counters and cabinets align one corner of the kitchen, and the tubes only light up when the main kitchen lights are turned off.
  3. Every night, these fluorescent tubes light up the kitchen when all else is still. The light it emits is an intriguing shade of blue, most likely cerulean. Its presence is almost ghostly, or even ethereal when compared to the mundane and dated 90’s-esque design of the kitchen. The light is not bright enough to blind anyone wandering the halls late at night, but not dim enough that its rays cannot reach my bedroom door.

Photo Observation #2 – Shadows

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  2. Theme: Shadows
  3. While the picture itself is very simple and self-explanatory, I was drawn to it by the shadow presented. The sun, while not visible in the photo, is shining down from behind the bird and displaying a shadow of spreading wings, as if ready to take flight. However, the bird is in a relaxed and stationary position. Perhaps this could reflect the natural desire for a living creature to “spread their wings and “soar,” as a means of reaching true potential. Creatures such as birds are already capable of flight, but maybe those usually stuck on the ground, could be inspired by this photo to feel as though they are flying and nothing can bring them down.