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Lighting Observation #9: Over the River

March 25th-7:00pm-Crossing the Millard E. Tydings Memorial Bridge on Interstate 95

The sun was setting with yellows, blues, and greens and the light was still high enough that it caught the water. Yellow light reflected off the water making the water’s color a complete mystery whether it was blue, clear, or more greenish.

The reflected light shimmered in the water like a soothing hum lingering in the air. The sky blended with the water in color tone to become one shattered sort of mirror of the sky. It was peaceful and harmonious like a sharing of ideas and spread of beautiful light across the world. The shimmering golden lit water was breathtaking. The sunset made the scene like a fairytale. It was all so fantasy-like that it was surreal. It has the magical feeling associated with it like what would be felt if a penny was dropped into a wishing fountain and then the fountain’s water miraculously turned a more cooper-like color. With its magical qualities or really qualities of the beauty of nature, the lighting was like an enchanted reality.

Lighting Observation #10

1. 4/7/14 at around 7:00 at Take-One Theatres.

2. A big spectacle of colored spotlights on a stage moving to a beat.

3. In the musical “West Side Story” the big show stopper is the song and dance number “Mambo”. It should always be done big. In my production, almost every dancer gets their own large, shining spotlight each with a color coordinating with their pose and costume. The first spotlight hits a dancer with a saturated red, emphasizing her intense movements. A light, pale blue spotlight shines on an other couple as they dance slowly and seductively. Behind them is a dancer using big and open dance moves as a sharp, green light shines down on him. It is these precise lights that make the dance number look amazing.

Light Observation

It was Tuesday afternoon and I was walking to class. It was a grey, cloudy sort of day, where all the colors seemed muted somehow, except one plant covered in bright majenta flowers.

It had been cloudy all week, and the week was only two days long so far. The light seemed to turn everything a little bit grayer than usual as though the world was covered in a layer of soot. The entire world looked dull, tired. But as I was walking I saw a bush covered in magenta flowers, and for some reason, the clouds hadn’t coated them in soot. The color was as bright as on sunny day, and seemed all the brighter for the dreary backdrop. I couldn’t help but smile. The color of these flowers must have been just the right hue to catch and reflect the light that made it through the clouds. One beautiful thing on a dreary day.

Photo Observation 12



Theme: #Allofthefeelings

Disney’s World of Color is their latest show of lights and magic at the Disneyland Resort.  Similar to the classic Fantasmic, World of Color takes place in the open lagoon of Disney’s California Adventure, and features a montage of light, music, and color alongside minimal narration.  Instead of fireworks, lasers and lights illuminate the jets of water that dance choreographed to projections of Disney characters on giant “screens” of water.  In a montage of sheer evil, The Bells of Notre Dame turns to Stravinski’s Firebird, turns to Night On Bald Mountain, turns to the wildebeest stampede that kills Mufasa.  There are so many colors in every direction, fountains bursting to life out of the depths of the lagoon.  The rest of the park lights extinguished, this show fills the place with its life and bringing about laughs, tears, and sheer awe from beginning to end.

Photo Observation!


THEME: Dealer’s Choice

I think I first came across this when perusing The Daily What (a la memebase), with a caption about the cool effects of long exposure photography and the emergence of light art – I didn’t really read it, I was just captivated by the pretty. Besides just how cool it looks and how much talent this must have taken, you can really get drawn in to the story being told. Maybe it’s a social commentary on our public school system, maybe youth in general. The asian script on the wall hangings could even be commenting a country in particular – or maybe it was just a perfect setting for someone to experiment with glow sticks. Either way, it’s an incredibly thought provoking image aided by the manipulation of light, color AND a camera, which I just find impressive.

Photo Observation #9

2) Photo taken by Nic Christopher. June 24th 2010 at around 6:30 PM. Taken on a hiking trail in Steamboat, Colorado.

3) THEME: Intrigue

4) DESCRIPTION: This photo was taken a few years while I was on a hike with my parents in the northwestern part of Colorado. We went for an evening hike to enjoy the beautiful weather and the wonderful mountain air that was surrounding us. We walked up the path and saw all kinds of animals and interesting shapes in the mountains before we arrived at a plateau with a cabin and a big grassy field. After we explored the abandoned cabin we finally started to head back down the mountain to the car. On the walk home, me and the dog kept getting ahead of my parents and having to stop and wait for them to catch up.

At around 6:30, the sun had passed to the right of me and the path we were walking on was now in full shadow and my sunglasses were no longer needed. The mountain to my left was glowing bright and being warmed by the late afternoon sun. Once the dog and I got ahead of my parents I stopped with her and took off my sunglasses as we stopped at a large rock that was sitting next to the trail. I set down my sunglasses on the rock and started playing with the dog. At one point I looked over at my sun glasses and realized the intriguing reflection in the lens. I grabbed my camera and began to shoot.

What I love about this picture is how it transposes the west facing mountain onto the eastern facing one. My black glasses are placed upon the very muted and gray background that does not resemble much life. The background is very plain and feels dead and dry. If you study the reflection in the lenses however, you see a hillside that is luscious and full of green, colors and life. The hillside is warmly lit from the late evening sun and the colors are popping right out of the hillside. I love the fact that you can also see the camera on the side of the lens as if it is someone or something that is looking in on this other contrasting side. It is shadow meets light in a burst of life and color.


Photo Observation #6 – Dripping Color

Photo taken by a user named Racket on this website –

Theme: Vibrant, Colorful, Saturated

When I look at this picture, I think of vibrant purification. The water looks so crisp, regardless of the variety of colors in the water. The colors are so bright and vivacious. The blotches fill the floor but this is not the focus of the picture. My eye is immediately brought to the drip midair. I notice the reflection of all the blotches within this drip. Somehow it takes all these colors in the picture and fits it all into this tiny drip. Maybe inside of that drip is another reflection, like an endless mirror. It keeps getting smaller and smaller. The ripples in the water affect the shape of the color and disrupt the proportion. These blotches are covered by the pool of water, using the water as lamination. Thought the colors cannot be manipulated themselves, the water on top of it can. As a result, the water can magnify, disorient, and affect the colors. The color is dripping off the picture.

Photo Observation Devin Gee

2) ( I found this photo by google images and this is the site it came from originally.)

3) Theme: Party

4) I thought this picture felt like a party to me because I associate practicals like these to being at a party.  These kind of lights are also used during christmas and other holidays, which tend to have party’s and this kind of lighting is always present.  The assortment of colors also help convey party to me because I feel as though a party in terms of light should be filled with color.  I feel as though this picture conveys party type lighting which is flashy, colorful and vibrant, it should also stick out and feel lively.  Besides the lighting in this picture other lighting that creates the same feeling are disco balls, strobe lights, lasers etc.

Photo Observation Devin Gee

2) I found this image on Google images and this is the website it actually comes from.

3) Theme: Funny

4) I thought the lighting in this painting was funny because it is so abstract.  When I think of funny lighting I think of lighting that is misplaced or is something that you would not expect and this painting, I thought shows this pretty well.  I also associate a lot of colors with lighting that make me feel, as though it is funny.  The rainbow of colors is funny to me because it is so different from the natural light that should be in the painting.  I think lighting is funny when it catches you by surprise and is something that you completely don’t expect.



Photo Observation

1) March 3rd-11:PM-My room

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The light is cast by a bulb that has been made to resemble a stained glass window. As such, there are shades of red, orange, yellow, and some muted blue. The light is dim.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: This lighting is comforting in some moments are eerie in others. Comforting because the orange glow reminds me of how our house used to look (we weren’t allowed to leave lights on). It is also eerie, however, because the red hue is very unnatural and disconcerting.