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Photo Observation

I took the photo


Lurking around Hofstra one night, I noticed the light of the bears’ statue looked particularly ominous.  I’d never even noticed the light shining on the bears during daylight hours, so the distortion of the bears in the night was quite spooky.  Hofstra probably intended them to represent something good, but they look creepy nonetheless and I hadn’t ever noticed the statue until encountering it as the beast it appeared to be.

Lighting Observation #1

1st of February, 11pm, my dorm.

Light rays from the back of a lamp hitting the wall at an angle, distorting the shape of the rays, creating an interesting interlocking polygon pattern, contrasting the harsh light of the lamp.

Spear like shapes climbing the wall from my desk and covering my bed, causing a sense of dread to grow within as sleep and comfort are pushed farther from me, replaced by harsh light and chains climbing the walls around me.