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Leaping Towards Happy Colors

Source: No Camels Israeli Innovation News, March 20, 2015 (

Theme: Happy

Description: In this photo, there are 9 black silhouettes, 7 of them children, 1 dog, and 1 cat. They are set against a backdrop that shows an azure sky and a golden sun setting. The clouds soak up the light, turning into colors from lavender gold to crimson. Below is a body of water, reflecting the image above and forming a horizon.

To me, the reason why the people and pets are black silhouettes is to insinuate that this is a happy and joyful place. This also is the end of a terrific day for the kids and animals. To me, this is an image that displays what colors make me happy.

Photo Observation

  1. Dance performance photo found on, a dance lighting design photograph taken by Cameron Rust;
  2. Theme: Happy!
  3. Happiness is relative and subjective to each individual, and this embodies a few of the many things that make me happy.  Dancing is something that makes me happy – whether it be at a party or in  a dance class or just to my favorite song, it is something that I can’t help but smile and feel re-energized about when I start dancing.  Similarly to lighting, dance allows for a unique expression of story-telling by showing emotion without using words.  I love this picture because the lighting and the dancing work together to create the story – without any words, and even without any music, there is an entire possibility of stories is being told in this frame. The poses of the dancers and the lighting hues and saturation create the mood.  Because of this combination, the photo reminds me of a deep summertime sunset, something else that makes me very happy.  The warm colors mixed with the dark “shadow-like” poses of the dancers reminds me of seagulls over an an ocean or the water at dusk, and gives me that calm, happy feeling of a perfect summer day.

Lighting Observation #12: A Tree’s Bark in the Sunlight

4/25/16-10:23am-Outside the Spiegel Theater

The sunlight warmly hits the bright green leaves of this tree that looks sort of like a weeping willow but has branches hanging down with bright green spade-shaped leaves. The shadow cast on its bark reflects the spade-like shape of the leaves and only some direct sunlight comes through in varying amounts to hit the bark. Thus, the bark is illuminated with different intensities of sunlight.

The light colors the bark of the tree and accents the lines of the bark. The bark looks like it might just erupt into circular-like shapes like the shadows that gently fall onto it from the branches above. The movement of the shadows with the gentle swaying of the breeze create a dream-like feeling. The tree bark shimmers like psychedelic orbs that make the tree glow with different shades as the light and shadow change how intense the light is on the bark constantly. As the shadow and sunlight move, there is green, teal, brown, gold, grey, amber, and silver on the bark. The whiteness of the light of the sun has the greenness of the leaves and the shades of the nearby plants reflect onto the bark allowing for this rainbow. It is a creative light with its colors and intensities. Every leaf looks more like a heart than a spade with the shadow that is created by the sunlight hitting it. The lighting is artistic, it is natural, it is soft, and it is dynamic. The overall feeling of the light is one of confusion, fun, and bedazzlement. It changes between these naturalistic colors and is constantly moving like the light cannot make up its mind how to shine on the tree, but it is also fun with the varying spots of intensities and colors reflected back. This movement and change in the amount of light hitting the bark is bedazzling like a disco ball in the night. It is fun though; It’s fun in the confusion and in dazzling qualities.

Photo Observation 4


The calm aura of this photo because of the pastel colors of the sky says “happy” to me. When I see this picture, i think of the people living in the beautiful houses, washed in a low, placid sunlight at the start of the day. The balance of domicile life and natural beauty seems peaceful and gives a feeling of contentment.



Photo taken by Peter Charney

THEME: Happy

DESCRIPTION: This is a photography of lanterns that lined the beach during a wedding I photographed a few years ago. However, I try to separate the idea of the picture representing a wedding, from the feeling that the image evokes on its own. To me, the combination of the cool colors of the lanterns against the warmer color of sand is incredibly peaceful and balanced. There is a sense of stillness and serenity, which translates to happiness in my eyes. The pattern of colors shows order and is very relaxing to look at. The colors themselves, are beautifully saturated and pleasant to look at. This photo definitely says “happy” to me!

Photo Observation 4



One of my happiest memories took place on the morning after a sleepover at my grandparents’ house when I was very young. My two cousins and I slept on an old foam mattress that converted into a couch. We slept huddled together with a fuzzy peach blanket. Some time in the early morning, I woke up while everyone was asleep. I looked above the TV at a window covered in a thin sheer curtain, and I could tell by the soft blue light coming in the window that it was morning. I was filled with energy and life, but there was also a quiet, slow, gentleness in the moment that I think this picture captures well. The room is dark and easy on the eyes, but the window lets through a soft notice that the day has begun and there is potential for adventure.

Happy Light





Theme: Happy


Happy Light

I don’t typically think of the ocean as a happy place. The beach? Sure. But the ocean itself is a habitat of mystery and fear. It’s not somewhere human beings belong. If it weren’t for the way the light accents the image, I think this would evoke a darker emotion. But it makes me happy.The thought of gliding along the sea floor and looking up at the surface brings bliss. The main burst of sunlight and all the little pockets of light in the sand and sun ripples create a sense of wonder and make me feel at home under the water, almost as if I could enter this environment and still breathe.  It reminds me of films set underwater, where we can live through a mermaid or a clown fish or a blue tang without giving thought to the fact that if we were actually there, we’d drown. The light welcomes me in.

“Hallmark Card” moment

2010-11-25 16.33.41

Photo taken by myself


Seeing beams of sunlight always makes me happy. Moments like when you see a beam of light coming through a break in the clouds feel heavenly to me. All of the warm feelings that are associated with sunlight are enhanced by the visual of beams of light. The moment in this photo is a happy moment; a couple on a nice walk with their dogs. The beams of sunlight, the highlights on their figures and the red/warm lens flare amplify the happiness of the moment. The light says happy.

Photo Observation 4

1. Amsterdam Flowers


2) Photo taken by Kelley Malloy on 4/21/12

3) THEME: Happy

4) DESCRIPTION: Gardens always seem like such happy places to me, the bright colors of the flowers are immediately cheerful. In this particular garden, I love how the light manages to create shadow and dimension without feeling ominous. Instead of feeling dark and mysterious, the shadow and light makes the garden seem like it extends eternally, and you could happily skip through the flowers forever without reaching the end.

Photo Observation #4

Lake Thing



3) Theme: Happy

4) This photo, to me, seems warm and calm. This makes it seem happy, to be comfortable and content. Despite the people in the photo wearing sweatshirts and pants, the sun seems to be warming the area. The water looks welcoming. These qualities, the qualities that make this photo look as though the world is content and pleasant, make me feel a happiness from this photo.