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Photo Observation

  1. i found this photo on Pintrest
  2. Theme: Happy
  3. I love the feeling when I’m walking on a beautiful sunny day and Its so tranquil. That brings me happiness

Photo Observation

2) Eduardo Seastress

3) Happy

4) Happy is vibrancy and excitement.  The way the light shines through the umbrellas and illuminates them is dazzling and almost overwhelming in it’s intense colors.  All the energy conveyed through the bright colors alongside the mesmerizing pattern of circles is incredibly joyful.  The umbrellas shine like dazzling suns from different universes.

Photo Observation #6

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Theme: Happy

This photo makes me think of happiness because flowers bring that to many people. This flower in particular just looks like its a happy flower. Its blooming and reaching for the outdoors. The natural light in this photo really brings out the color of the flower and I really like that. It also allows all of the focus to be on the flower and doesn’t distract from that.

Photo Observation


3. Happy!

4. The lighting in this photo gives me so much happiness. When I think about happy in terms of lighting, I think bright colors. The lighting in this photo mostly consists of the color red, but there are a variety of other colors sprinkled throughout. This is a photo of a crowded street in Hong Kong on Chinese New Year. The lights illuminate the people that walk below them, creating contrast with the darkness of the sky. The lighting gives a sense of happiness because the glowing lanterns and bright colors make it obvious that a celebration is occurring.



Photo Observation

  1. Daily Mail
  2. Happy
  3. Chinese lanterns are always lit during festivals in China. They represent peace and prosperity. When they are released into the sky they create a beautiful spectacle of dim and calm light that evokes a feeling of joy in everyone around. The warm and welcoming light creates the overall feeling of positivity and happiness to all who see.

Photo Observation #6

  1. This is a photo by Rick Anderson found at
  1. HAPPY!
  1. Somewhere in Central Park, a joyful and fun-filled day is coming to a close. The sun is still bright; it soaks the park-goers in a warm glow of friendship, relaxation, and happiness. Both the leaves from the trees and the balloons from the picnic are saturated with the sun’s powerful radiance that creates a map of colors across the grass. Slowly, the light is fading away, but the happiness of the day will linger when it is gone.

Living Lights in Content

  1. Location: Sensor Garden, February 9, 2017 at 12:50 p.m.
  2. Objective: At the fountain, the light reflects off of the pool of water. Underneath, shimmering orange-gold and black and white spotted light form koi fishes. Making up the floor of the koi fishes’ home are dark leaves spread across the floor.
  3. Subjective: The light shining onto the water and koi fish represents the happiness and content of life. Despite living in a fountain with a floor of leaves, the fish continue to swim and shimmer the light above. This fulfillment makes me happy for the fish and the simplicity of animals.

Photo Observation 6

  1. This was taken on my phone by my friend Hannah.
  2. Theme: Happy
  3. This is yet another picture from my trip to Israel. This was on the beach in Tel Aviv and to me, this is the epitome of happiness with the bright colors and the sun, sand, and sea. The bright blue of the sky plus the yellow on the chairs and the greens and pinks of my bathing suit give a bright and happy mood to this photo. It was also a very funny moment because we realized that the chairs had the same symbol (Chai, meaning “life”) on them that I have on the back of my neck. Tel Aviv was our last stop on the trip, so at this point we had all gotten to be very close, and it was both happy and sad to be there as we knew the trip was soon coming to a close. Regardless, we all got into our bathing suits and played in the warm ocean for several hours and had a blast.

Leaping Towards Happy Colors

Source: No Camels Israeli Innovation News, March 20, 2015 (

Theme: Happy

Description: In this photo, there are 9 black silhouettes, 7 of them children, 1 dog, and 1 cat. They are set against a backdrop that shows an azure sky and a golden sun setting. The clouds soak up the light, turning into colors from lavender gold to crimson. Below is a body of water, reflecting the image above and forming a horizon.

To me, the reason why the people and pets are black silhouettes is to insinuate that this is a happy and joyful place. This also is the end of a terrific day for the kids and animals. To me, this is an image that displays what colors make me happy.

Photo Observation

  1. Dance performance photo found on, a dance lighting design photograph taken by Cameron Rust;
  2. Theme: Happy!
  3. Happiness is relative and subjective to each individual, and this embodies a few of the many things that make me happy.  Dancing is something that makes me happy – whether it be at a party or in  a dance class or just to my favorite song, it is something that I can’t help but smile and feel re-energized about when I start dancing.  Similarly to lighting, dance allows for a unique expression of story-telling by showing emotion without using words.  I love this picture because the lighting and the dancing work together to create the story – without any words, and even without any music, there is an entire possibility of stories is being told in this frame. The poses of the dancers and the lighting hues and saturation create the mood.  Because of this combination, the photo reminds me of a deep summertime sunset, something else that makes me very happy.  The warm colors mixed with the dark “shadow-like” poses of the dancers reminds me of seagulls over an an ocean or the water at dusk, and gives me that calm, happy feeling of a perfect summer day.