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subject: cold

This is a photo of a hospital room. It has the token hospital color pallet of white, blue, and beige. It has a quality of psychological coldness not a lack of heat but a lack of life. It’s rigid and sanitary.

Lighting Observation: 3/18

Date: 3/13/2016

Time: 1:19 AM

Location: Lahey Hospital: Burlington, Mass.

Obye give Description: The family waiting room area was placed directly inside of the central and critical care area. Because it was right next to the nurses station, it had to be lit 24/7, although the windows in the family waiting room were frosted to reflect less light, it seemed similar to the sun trying to peak through the clouds on an impossibly cloudy day.


Subjective Description: A dark night, but a dimly-lit room. It felt lighter earlier in the day, however, that would have been impossible since the windows were far anew isolated from that general location. It became clear that as more people left, and the more the hours passed, the darker the light felt through the cold frosted windows. A panel of clear glass framed the dim of the grayed out glass allowing just a bit of light to peak through to an otherwise dark world. A square room of light penetrating through a grey abyss keeping that last ray of Hope as the rest of the world around it turned dark.

Light Observation 6

1) Feb 16, ~10:30 PM; Winthrop University Hospital

2) Partially lit hallways

3) I was navigating the halls of the local hospital, of which I am completely unfamiliar. I was trying to find my way back to the entrance, and at each intersection of hallways I would look around to see if I could find clues to get back to the waiting room. It was the end of a long day and my contacts were getting fuzzy, so I wasn’t reading very well and had to rely on my memory of shapes and light to get me back. I noticed that my first instinct in my trip around the hallways was to take the most well-lit route. I was nervous about halls that weren’t well-lit. I felt like I had no place in being there. I got the same sense of nervousness when I passed under a section of lights that were off or had burned out. The trip made me think about how our sense of direction relies on light and how we can direct someone’s movement through the manipulation of light– even if the light never moves or changes. I also realized that visibility isn’t just an on/off switch that affects our understanding of the environment, but that varying levels of visibility can affect our emotional connection with our environment.

2nd Light Observation Week 4

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 02/24/11 Dorm Hall way

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Fluorescent light in a dark hall way

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION:As I walked to my dorm room the lights in the hall began to flicker. It was well past sundown and with each flicker the darkness appeared to get thicker and longer. I felt like I was in an abandoned hospital wing in a horror film. Needless to say I ran to my room.