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Light Observation #4 – Using the Force in front of the Spiegel

1)      February 22nd 2012, 11:25PM, Outside of the Spiegel Theater

2)      Watching Phil Tyler and Alex Beja fight each other with lightsabers outside of the Spiegel.

3)      Cabaret is definitely one of my favorite activities on campus. I try to go every week even though sometimes I would be better off staying in catching up on work. Regardless, I made the executive decision to go to Cabaret this past Wednesday. As Geena and I walked from the Design Studio to the Spiegel we caught a glimpse of blue and red in the distance. The colors seemed to mix together and bounce off each other, but very gracefully. As we got closer to the source of light we realized that Phil and Beja were dueling. Up close, the lights seemed much more volatile than they did from far away. With the sources of light in view the two colors seemed to dance very roughly with each other. The blue lightsaber would move quickly up and down as the red lightsaber would intercept the light it by moving right to left. I couldn’t help but think of the light moving to danse macabre. The light moving so quickly, so violently. At first it seemed so artistic graceful. Sadly looks can be deceiving from afar. I was whipped out of the moment as Phil fell to the ground because Beja claimed victory.