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Lighting Observation #2

Thursday 9th of February, 6:00pm, inter-mural fields.

Bright white stadium lights only casting lights across one side of a snow covered field, creating a shadow from a snowman.

Pure white light shoots from the stadium lighting, causing the snow to glow against the darkness of the night. The sea of white is only interrupted by a stretched and distorted shadow of a snowman, as if trying to escape the light but tethered to its spot.

Photo Observation

Image found on, un-attributed

3) THEME: Funny

4) DESCRIPTION: The lighting in this image is cast up against the snowman’s face. This creates a very foreboding look, similar to that used in horror films. This is funny because a snowman is not an innately scary thing. The clash between the not scary snowman, and the horror film lighting, is humorous.