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Light Observation

  1.  Tuesday 6:30pm, in my dorm room.
  2. I went to my mailbox to get my latest amazon purchase, a laptop sticker that makes the Apple logo look like Ron Swanson. When I placed the sticker on my laptop, I opened it up to see how it looked and saw the light form around the black hair and mustache to form my beloved TV character Ron Swanson.
  3. As the apple lit up and the light surrounded the black sticker, it formed a happy memory for me. the light took a shape that filled me with countless moments of laughter and pure joy. It represents something that I cherish and admire: a great show.

Light Observation 4

Location: My lounge, 2am

Objective: I was binge-watching season 3 of Game of Thrones with my friends Caitrin and Alex with all the lights off except for a strand of red, green, and white Christmas lights. I noticed how the light was reflecting off everything, from the white walls to the posters. It illuminated the room more than I’d ever noticed before, and made the gore of Game of Thrones seem all the more terrible.

Subjective: The lights seemed to shine brighter than usual. It danced through the rays of light coming from the TV, and everything seemed to be happening in hi-def. I could almost see all the separate colored waves of light bouncing from wall to wall, off of all our posters, and made Game of Thrones that much more intense.

Lighting Observation 7: Church illuminated by the Artificial Sun at Noon-Night

7 March 2016-6:40pm-A church on the streets of NYC (not far from Penn. Station)

The front of this church was lit up with several large film lights to make it look like day on the outside perhaps while a film crew shot an interior to exterior shot.

This feeling of falseness pervaded the scene since the light was like this big illuminated patch of sunshine in a dark in comparison world. It was like someone trying to create the white and pure idea of heaven on Earth. It was like the night was bleached out by this harsh, piercing light. The light was the awkward bleach stain on your clothes. It was the thing that seemed like it was trying too much to be the thing to be the actual thing. The main point that made this light seem so wrong and unmistakable from the sun is that this light was hot, white in color. It was warm as opposed to the cool bluish daylight. This warmth marked it as fake. The various angles of the light made the shadows small and few. The brightness and seeming power of the light claimed that it would disintegrate any great patches of darkness that might try to eek out their existence in this space. The light felt like a bully trying to make its victims shout that it was day despite this being a lie. The light was an illusion of day like if someone were to use fog from a fog machine to make a water dragon’s breath. Like all illusions, the light was artificial and not the natural. The light was an actor but not perhaps the best one from the perspective of a bystander. The camera’s footage might tell a different story.

Lighting Observation #11

1.) Wednesday Mar. 9th 2011, 2:50 A.M. My dorm room.

2.) TV light on the wall.

3.) I fell asleep with CNN on and woke up in the middle of the night. My back was toward the TV, but as it was the only source of light in the room, I could see the flashing of the TV set distinctly on the wall I was facing. Because of the rapid way new programs are cut, it was a lot like waking up to a bluish strobe light. It made me feel uncomfortable, like I was a little crazy and possibly hallucinating. The color was very foreboding.