Photo Observation

  1. Found on Flickr, taken by Sam Wigginton, “Busan Dark Alleyway”;
  2. Theme: Mysterious
  3. When I think of mysterious I think of shadows, concealment, and secrets; a mystery is unknown, what’s being kept hidden.  This picture embodies the theme for me because of the how the lighting causes the shadows to fall on the ground and off of the walls; it feels foreboding and as if there is more there than meets the eye.  The darkness is compelling, and the single light source illuminates only so much, telling the viewer that there’s more there than meets the eye, but you have to solve the mystery to find out what more there is.

Lighting Observation 3

2/15/2017 8:00 PM Outside the Netherlands

It was dark out and the lamps outside the Netherlands cast light on the ground in strips, rather than fully coloring the ground.  Underneath each light, there were strips of dark and light surrounding the pole of the light.

Though it was night, there were several suns painted on the floor along with my walk home.  Their rays lit the walkway and the path was transformed from the dreary cold night to my own personal suns.  Torn between suns and yellow daisies the image of the night became rather cheerful regardless of the black sky.

Photo Observation 3

Photo by NinoBeg via Wikimedia Commons


The nightlife is alien.  A separate world from the one that I exist in which there are no rules and the mere energy of the room is intoxicating.  This photo conveys that wild feeling I associate with nightlife and the overwhelming use of green transports me from my world into an entirely different place.

Lighting Observation #3

16th of February, 10:00pm , Enterprise 13th floor lounge.

Objective description: the dim lights from the night outside dimly cast across the walls through large windows.

Subjective description: Imposing black shadows stretch across the walls of the room, crating a cell around me, trapping me in the dimly lit room. The only light in my shadowy cell is faint and tinged with red, giving no comfort to cling to in my haunting cage.

Photo Observation #3

Taken by me, December 30th 2016, a night club in London…

Theme: Night life

Laser beams shoot out across the room, cutting through the darkness and stirring the excitement into the air. Vibrant colours reel through the beam creating hypnotic patterns as mist swirls though the beam, giving the light life as if its dancing with the crowd below.

Light Observation #3

  1. February 16 at 3:00 in a classroom in the basement of Breslin Hall.
  2. Bright fluorescent ceiling lights were the only source of light in the classroom; there were no windows for natural light.
  3. The artificial blueish white light shone harshly on the sleepy, bored students. In the dark concrete abyss that is that basement of Breslin Hall, the forceful lights made it look and feel like a prison cell—like we were trapped and time was passing slower and slower each minute.

Photo Observation #3

2. This photo came from the blog of Dr. Guy C. Clark, a dentist in Albuquerque.

3. Night Life

4. Only a dark and mysterious silhouette of the two owls can be made out in front of a dark, dull gray-blue sky. The flash of the camera reflects a bright red, menacing glare from their eyes, giving a sense of uneasiness to an otherwise tranquil scene and sending chills up one’s spine. The owls stare, unmoving; they aren’t threatened by anyone or anything, because once the sun sets, the woods belong to them.

Ligh Observation 3

2/15/17 1:00am Netherlands North

  1. There’s a light on my surge protector that tells me when its grounded. It kept blinking against my wall and it was insanely annoying because I was trying to sleep and it wouldn’t stop blinking.
  2. At first the light didn’t bother me but then it just kept blinking. It made me really angry. I wanted the light to stop blinking but i couldn’t do anything to stop it. It got on my last nerve. Eventually I just got too exhausted and fell asleep.


Photo Observation 3

I took this picture myself at Mineola when I went home last weekend.

Even though it was 6am when I took the picture, it reminded me of my favorite line from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. “I’ve walked down 5th Avenue at 6 in the morning but as far as I’m concerned that’s still night!” It was still so dark and I’d been up for an hour already so I was particularly cranky and exhausted.

Photo Observation #3


3. Nightlife

4. When I think about nightlife I tend to think of a very crazy time with lots of people and lots of color. I really like this picture for that reason. The disco ball is a great change of focus but doesn’t distract from the picture as a whole and in my opinion it really enhances the colors from the lights. I also especially love the fact that there are very few repeating lights. It adds to the chaos and fun that I associate with nightlife.