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modeling pic.


2) I found this picture through google.

3) The theme this week is modeling. The man in this photo is very easily seen and you can tell that he’s 3 dimensional and not flat like a painting.

4) I chose this picture for my representation of modeling mainly because of how the light is being used to show the 3 dimensional qualities to this person.  I also really like the sunlight shinning down through the trees and that being the only light source. Something else I found interesting was the shadow of the man walking. The shadow is defined and obvious. The use of modeling is definitely represented well in this photo because you can see the man and his form and even though his back is to us you can see his strides when he’s walking and the 3 dimensions of his arms that rest on his hips. The sunlight is also defining on leg of his jeans as darker than the other because of where the light is hitting and the walking position that he’s in.

1st Lighting observation

1) Feb. 17th – 7:24 p.m – Parking lot near Bill of Rights: As I was walking to the student center to get dinner on Thursday night I had my lighting “moment.”

2) As I was walking to dinner on Thursday night I looked up at the moon and noticed a plane passing over the sky and by the moon.

3) The moon on Thursday night was full and bright. I was walking from the parking lot near Bill of Rights to the student center to get dinner. My room mate and I had been walking when she pointed out to me the moon. Just as I looked up I noticed a plane was passing right across the moon/ sky at that very second. The moon emitting so much light that you could see the plane perfectly. The moon’s light was also so bright that it lit up a large area of the sky. The rest of the sky was dark and black with the occasional star here and there but the moon was so big and round and bright and when the plane flew by I imagined how cool it would be to be on that airplane and look out the window and feel as though you could almost touch the moon. The moon was emitting a white/gray/dark blue hue in areas and when the plane passed by it the silver of the plane was bright and looked almost fake. Like a little toy plane in small scale.

Light Observation

1) 12/18/10- 11:00pm –Leonard’s Great Neck

2) Two strobe lights hitting a glass object (at the same time) and they mixed together and then dispersed.

3) I was DJing with a friend at Leonard’s in Great Neck, the strobe lights go on every so often each time in a random direction.  Randomly two different color strobes(I cannot remember the colors) mixed together as they hit a piece of glass.  The main lights were dimmed all the way down nearly completely off.  The strobes refracted the light just so the light hit a table full of people at an angle.  It just looked different because no shadows were being cast yet there was only one beam on light.

Light Observation

1) 1/16/11- 6:30am – my room

2) I was woken up by golden light coming into my window.

3) I woke up and there was golden light coming through the shades on my window.  It was not just a little patch of gold in the sky it was all golden.  It just made me think that it was going to be a good day.

Light Observation 3 B

1.) 2/17/11- Approx. 10:45 pm- A street near my house

2.) Shadow of a barren tree on the sidewalk

3.) Trudging home I came across a tree at my feet, not a heavy, large, or cumbersome tree blocking my path, but a scissor slit across the sidewalk, a lack of light, a shadow. Scoping out the sidewalk, it’s littered with these pseudo fallen soldiers cast down at my feet by the ever triumphant lamps sitting high and proud in their victory. Only at night do these cold metal poles trump the taller trees with their broad branches stretching along the road. Yet now, this night the light looms over the barren tree, beating it to the ground in submission.

Photo Observation


3) Vibrant-Colorful-Saturated

4) This just illuminates New York in such a wonderful way. Of course we are looking at partial gas emissions, but the artist has captured it in a way, as to turn in into something aesthetic. There is something very vibrant about this depict. The picture definitely is saturated to capacity. The overflow of colors actually give a different account of New York city. The richness and diversity of buildings and water is shown here. I got the feeling of a lively city brimming with excitement, but also smog. This I think fit very well with the vibrant-colorful-saturated theme.

Photo Observation

2) This photo was emailed me, it was taken by the Hubble telescope

3) Vibrant, Colorful, Saturated

4)This photo has light energy emitting from the center outward.  I was told it was taken during the formation of a new galaxy.  It just would seem that the colors would flow together well, but they are tied together by the lighter orange and lighter blue on the inner circle.

Beja Light Observation:

Date, Time, Location: Friday February 18th, 2011; 4:29 AMish, (now)

Objective Description: looking down at the light behind the keys on my Macbook Pro

Subjective Description: as to avoid turning on the harsh lights at such an early time, I am writing my observations in darkness on my computer. Although I have realized that my keys light up, I have never had a “moment” about it until now. The lights from the back illuminate the outer perimeter of each key, and the tops as a description of what it does. This convenient feature has a weary effect, giving a silhouette with small harsh light fading out the sides and descriptions staring back at me. Regardless it reminds me of cubicles or a skyscraper.