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Photo Observation

This is taken from someone’s Flickr page at:

Dave and German Expressionist film shadows

– I’m not totally familiar with what Flickr is, but it seems to be a source of many photos.



Well, something about the criss-crossing shadows from the pillars here, as well as the figure lit from behind. It all seemed very nightmare-like and surreal. We cannot see the figure’s face, and he seems tiny against the long shadows. There are no shadows behind him, only in front. They seem a spider-web, and he a spider.

Light Observation

1) 4-29-11, 12 am  Next door neighbors light outside my window

2) light was annoying, but it created cool effect in my yard

3) I couldn’t sleep so I opened my window and just looked outside, hanging my head out. Some cat came by and tripped the motion sensor lights. Once this happend the cat made a shadow across my garage door. It made it look giant and it walked slowly, it created a very creepy effect.  It didn’t last that long because the cat ran away a while after, probably afraid of its own shadow. For this brief time I felt like the shadow could tell a story or give anonymity to an audience. If a light was used offstage to tell a story through shadows, leaving the audience in suspense until they find out details later.


Photo Observation #13

Philippe Ramette

Courtesy of FRESHPICS (


This is a photo of surrealist photographer and installation artist Philippe Ramette. The scene itself is surreal, but the lighting adds to the overall effect: it has the same washed out, hazy feeling found in the lighting in Dalí paintings, though it is cool instead of warm in color. The overcast sky and the smog from the city diffuse the light, making the brown frame and black suit stand out against the water (the color of which is also exaggerated by contrast with the smoky blue.) It has the dreamlike quality that is essential to surrealism.



And here’s how he did it, if you’re curious.


2) Surreal

3) This is the Aurora Borealis , which looks very surreal to me. Its not an everyday event we are used to, but when it does happen we stare at this unusual and natural occurrence. It makes me feel many things. I feel as if something is pulling apart the world, that something is beyond us . It is such a rare occurrence that we don’t know what to feel when it does happens. Or just looking at the photo it feels dreamy, because it doesn’t go along with how our brains figure the world is supposed to work.




From wordlesstech blog. Photo courtesy Phil Hart/

3) Surreal

4) This picture was taken off the coast of Australian. The blue in the water is created by bioluminescent algae. Usually water doesn’t glow like that and the light has a certain unearthly glow to it. The long exposure of the sky creates the interesting effect of making bright circular lines. The combination of these two elements makes for a fascinating and strange combination that looks as if its out of an alien world and unreal.

Lighting Observation 1 (Week 13)

1) Sunday, May 1, 2PM, fields behind rec center.

2) Sunlight

3) I was sitting under some trees in between games at the quidditch tournament on Sunday when I had my lighting moment. I was looking up and relaxing and noticed the sun coming through the tree. The tree was full of pink flower blossoms that were slightly translucent. The sunlight was streaming through all the branches and flowers as they moved in the wind. It was a warm day and created a feeling of summer. The light was crisp and clean coming through the tree and was natural and bright.