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Light Observation

1. Thursday, 11:30PM, NYC

2.the top of a skyscraper in NY cast gold light through the fog.

3. Walking back from a concert in the city last night, the world was foggy. the buildings disappeared into the sky, as if you could take the elevator all the way to the moon. The top of one building was lit all up with golden lights, and cast that light all through the fog, and looked like a door to heaven.

Light Observation #11 – My suitemate is an ALIEN!

0April 25th, 2012 – 3:30AM – South Campus

There was a red light illuminating behind Roosevelt in the sky.

So the one thing I seem to constantly write about in these posts are the lights I see when I cannot sleep and go on walks. They always calm me down and tire me out so when I get back I can fall straight to sleep. I decided instead of walking around North Campus today, to walk around South Campus around all the academic buildings. I started to walk towards Emily Lowe and when I got there I was still energized. I decided to walk around the quad in front of Adams for a bit. This did not make me drowsy at all so I continued on to the quad in front of Roosevelt. It is here where I thought in my hidden exhaustion that I was going to be abducted by aliens. Yes, Aliens! Behind Roosevelt in the sky was an illuminating red light. It was beating at the steady pace of my heart. It filled the sky behind Roosevelt. It was a very solid red and I thought to myself, I am going to be abducted. You see, I saw “The Forth Kind” when it first came out and it was very scary to me. Apparently, aliens only abduct humans at 3:33AM. It was 3:32AM. I just stood there, looking at the beats of red, as they kept beating in the sky. It seemed so perfect behind Roosevelt as well, the perfect backdrop for an abduction. Soon, the light drifted away and I looked at my phone. It was 3:50AM. I had been abducted. No, really! After I got back to my dorm, my suitemate was still awake. I explained to him what happened and then he told me that he saw the light too. It was a police siren. I don’t believe that though. That is what the aliens want me to think. I think my suitemate is an alien. But I know better. It was aliens!

Photo Observation #11 – Christmas Web of Lies!

Theme: Unreal

Description: I love Christmas so much. The cookies, the gifts, the love. It is all so wonderful. When I was younger however, there was one Christmas that I will remember as the “Christmas of LIES”. It was the worst Christmas ever. It was the Christmas of 2003. My parents had been fighting the entire month and I just wanted Christmas to come quickly. I asked my dad everyday when we could put the lights up and he would always put it towards another day. I loved hanging lights, because the lights brought joy and wonder to the house. (Also we had better lights than my arch nemesis, Kevin, across the street and I would always make sure he knew!) It was finally Christmas Eve and everyone had their lights u except for us! I was so upset. All I wanted was Christmas joy. That apparently was too much for me however. This picture reminds me of what my house should have looked like back then. It should have been of web of light that could be seen from outer-space, yet gentle enough to be close to. All the colors are working in harmony to compliment each other and bring out the best that each color has to offer. The green is especially my favorite, because it brings the most Christmas joy, true scientific fact. I love how you can even see the detail of rain on the brick walkway. It is illuminating from the wondrous Christmas lights. It is perfect. This is what my Christmas should have been. Since it never happened, this is truly unreal. How depressing, I know.

Light Observation #11

DATE-TIME-LOCATION: Wednesday morning, about 9:30, in lighting class

OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: As Rych was trying to erase some of his notations from the board, he had to use the spray solution.  The spray hit the board, and under the projector light, instantly sparkled what seemed to be an almost blinding white light.

SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: There isn’t a whole lot that I have to say about this moment. I guess it was a moment of optimism. Recently hasn’t been the best time for me by any stretch of the imagination, and there was just something so simple and unexpected about this beautiful little glimmer on the whiteboard, that it set me at ease a little, and boosted my mood an incredible amount. It almost seemed like the universe was sending me a message, and right when I needed it.

Photo Observation #11: Unreal













Starship - Norwich Bus Station

THEME: Unreal

DESCRIPTION: There is something that is truly great about this bus station in Norwich. Yes, it may  be that, but right now, with the glowing beams coming from underneath, and light coming from that little gap between sections, it’s a space-ship, hovering, with hundreds of operators and commanders running around the control room who’s window we see. The darkening empty streets make it seem as though all passengers have boarded, and the ship is ready to embark on an overnight flight to… Anywhere, really. Maybe the moon, or Mars, maybe in hyper-speed to some distant, currently undiscovered planet. Harnessing light to defy gravity, lift-off is in 3…2….


Photo Observation #11


3) Unreal

4) This photograph is unreal without using any photoshop or photo editing of any kind. The perfect way in which the sunlight catches the wave and the contents inside of it, such as seaweed. This turns a completely nice photo of a beach into a dangerous scene from a film where an unsuspecting crowd has a deadly creature or number of creatures rising from the depths and is about to face the mysterious being or beings.

Light Observation

I was sitting in the student center on Sunday, getting dinner with one of my friends.

There was light angling down from one of the high up windows that hit her accross the face, illuminating it in warm tones.

The way the light hit my friends face caught in her eye making her hazel irises shine brightly. Yet something caught me off-gaurd. Her iris was striped. Not like, my-irises-are-more-than-one-color striped, but like really-bad-wallpaper striped. The effect was pretty, but a little disconcerting. Until I realized that the stripes were actually the shadows of her eyelashes being cast across her face. I thought it was really cool because its really rare for people’s eyelashes to show up like that and for light to hit them in a way that casts a shadow, especially one with such clearly defined edges.

Photo Observation

This photo came from

theme: unreal

When I first looked at this photo, I imagined I was looking at photos of planets from distant solar systems, the surfaces covered in craters and canyons. But then I read the description; each of these photos is a picture of the bottom of an old beat up frying pan. And to me that is almost cooler than it being real planets, almost. But seriously, with just a little bit of imagination the most mundane things in our lives could be seen as something mysterious and beautiful. Place an old frying pan on a black background and it becomes a far off planet full of mystery. All of a sudden every bump and burn becomes fascinating, so why not use a little imagination and allow ourselves to see the mundane things in our lives as fascinating. If you look at things the write way, anything can be beautiful.

Photo Observation #11

This photo seems unreal to me because it is just so, well, unreal. These Glacier caves are just absolutely stunning. The direct reflection of the ceiling of the cave onto the water is almost unnerving how accurate it is. I had to do a double take. The fact that the water is still enough for there to be no distortion in the reflection whatsoever is unbelievable. Also, the colors! How did all of those bright gorgeous aqua colors get down into the depths of these caves? Magic. Unreal.

Photo Observation #11

2. Howard A. Knudsen

3. Theme: Unreal

4. This photo is beautifully real, but the lighting is so unreal because it’s not something you see everyday. Firstly the light from the outside may be natural, but it lights up the cave like a fire, and then the unreal lighting of the water is unlike any kind of water I’ve ever seen. I find myself thinking “Oh my God that fire is going to get put out by the water” then remember it actually isn’t fire. It’s amazing that this is really something that exists.