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Lighting Observation #9

1) April 2, 2013, 2:30pm, Roosevelt Field Mall

2) The light from the sun was reflecting off the car’s windshield. There was not a cloud in the sky and you all you could see was the sun shining right out of the sky. You could see the ray’s of light all around the bright light that shined on the glass. The outer rim of the bright light was a light yellow and in the middle was white.

3) Seeing this light as bright as it was, was very interesting to me. It added a warm feeling to the afternoon. When I saw that light, I felt happy and started to think of positive things happening for me in the month to come. All of my worries went away. When I saw the bright light on the window, I immediately then, glanced up at the sky around to see this nice weather we were having.

Photo Observation #9



 Romantic Lighting (2013)

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3) Theme: Romantic

4) When I saw this photo, I felt it fit the theme of romantic perfectly. The atmosphere in the room is calming and relaxing. Candles are what provides all of the lighting in this room. The rose pedals, champagne bottles and other items signify romance. I like the way the candles on the right hand side of the photo bring out the most light. You can see the reflection of the candle on the white wall of the room. Also, there are many shadows on the wall where the candles are not placed. You can see the different shades of lighting on the wall.

Photo Observation #9

1) Romantic Lighting



3) Romance

4) Romantic lighting has a subtlety to it. It is not in your face. I would go so far as to say it’s classy, in my opinion. This photo obviously has purple lighting rather than the typical red, but I think that is what I like about it. It shares the subtlety of blue with the passion of red. It is literally a combination of those two colors. This makes purple the ideal romantic lighting color. Also, how the intensity of the light fades from the bottom up helps show that a limited area is lit, and this helps provide the idea of intimacy which is so important to a romantic encounter.

Light Observation #9

1) 4/4/2013, 12:45pm, Bits & Bytes

2) In Bits & Bytes, I was in line holding my two slices of pizza. Reflecting off of the cheese on the pizza were the lights above me.

3) The pizza’s cheese captured the lights above. It held the light on itself, and took on a plastic-like quality. The cheese became artificial. It was fake. Once the lights touched it, it became something else. A children’s plastic pizza toy to go along with a kitchen play-set. It was no longer itself, but merely an imitation of what it once was.