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Photo Observation Week #10: Storm’s Brewing

Red Sunset by the Sea (Part II)

2) This photo was taken by flickr user Mishari Al-Reshaid photography on December 20th 2008.

3) Theme: Storm’s Brewing

4) The idea of “a storm’s a brewin'” reminds me of the beginning of the fight, the start of a war. This picture represents the conflict that begins the war- the far away deep red sky and hot, bright sun, the fire of what’s about to happen, but is off in the distance. The darkness of everything that’s been happening has cast dark, hazy shadows, but are nothing in contrast to the violent horizon. The dark, terrible things are only a foreshadowing of the conflict to come.

Light Observation #10

1) 3/28/13, 11:30pm, the kitchen in my house

2) The big light fixture in my kitchen is currently non-existant. At night, if you want to see, you have to turn on the little light over the stove.

3) You rarely think about what it would be like to not have electricity, and be able to see clearly at any time of day or night. The kitchen is spooky. It’s torn apart, as we’re getting the house ready to sell. There are no doors on the cabinets, the fridge is in the middle of the room and there’s a paint covered ladder 2 feet from the fridge door. The creepiest part of the entire picture are the shadows cast from having a single light source that is to the side of everything, not above it. The ladder and fridge cast big, looming shadows onto the walls and there are hundreds of little shadows under each exposed dish in the cupboards. The strangest sensation is the contrast to the bright, cheery dining room next door. I wouldn’t want to live in a world without late-night-light.