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Light Observation #3

1) Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at 7 PM in Bill of Rights Hall bathroom.

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Upon entering the bathroom stall in my residence hall, all lights in the stall went out except for one that points down and is placed about 4 feet above the toilet.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The second the two other lights in the stall went out and only the one was working, I felt enclosed in an interrogation room. My whole body tensed, felt much colder, and the stall felt much smaller than it has ever before. Even though I felt this way, I couldn’t help but continue to stare at the light as if something in my surroundings was going to change. I suddenly felt guilty and criticized for having to take care of human nature. It made me a bit scared and angry, but as I was leaving, one of the other two flicked back on, somewhat relieving tension. The whole time I was experiencing this, I also felt trapped in a cave where only one light was visible for me to try to potentially reach, almost taunting me. This was not a fun light observation experience for me, but it made me realize the importance of light, especially in a bathroom.

Photo Observation #3



3) Nightlife

4) The dark room enveloped in a sea of deep blue light with a large crowd of people allows for feelings of exciting and mysterious nightlife. The bright, white light near the center of the picture looks like a incredibly bright planet; it’s almost as if ice is shooting out of the moon or planet somehow. There’s a paradoxical feeling for this image when it comes to temperature because the colors are incredibly cool and icy, but knowing that there are so many dancing bodies in the club, I feel sweaty and hot. The moving light promotes instability and uncertainty, which also leans toward unpredictability and mystery. This image serves an excitement for venturing into the unknown.

Lighting Observation #3 – Max Cerci

1) February 12 2014 8:45am

2) The sunrise and sunlight hitting the trees and buildings as well as reflecting off of the white snow.

3) As the sun was rising and the rays began hitting the snow, it looked almost as if the snow was a mirror. I could see the sky in the reflection of the snow and the world around me seemed unusually brighter than normal. Similarly, the way the sun was hitting the buildings and trees seemed to cast shadows onto the snow and ground causing everything to look much more 3 dimensional than usual.