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Lighting Observation

3/4/15, 10:30pm, Adams Playhouse

I really adore the lighting for 5.5 of Richard II — the scene where Richard is alone in his cell. The choice to have the light pour in from the floor instead of the ceiling reinforces that his world has been turned upside down. It is so cathartic and actually very helpful as an actor to have such ambient lighting to find the headspace of the character.

The lighting is intense, as it shoots through the trapdoor, but also warm and gentle. It lends itself to introspection and rite of passage; perfect for a man finally realizing that no man will “be pleas’d / Till he be eas’d with being nothing.”

Spooky Lighting: Throwback to BATBOY

spookyThis lighting (a la Nic Christopher) always makes me think “spooky.” It was chosen for the final scene of “Bat Boy,” after all the murders and the sick revelations. I call this “spooky,” as opposed to “scary,” because there is something mysterious and ominous about it. There is nothing popping out — no red to suggest lots of blood and gore — but there is something unsettling about the blue and purple hitting the faces of the actors. The shadows on Deanna and Tyler are particularly effective, as we have seen them go from a seemingly normal husband and wife to liars, phonies. That, and the eerie musical finale to the show, will always feel “spooky” to me.


Don’t go in alone…


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Night in the forest, fog and an off green light in the distance=spooky. Reminiscent of a alien invasion scene in a movie,┬ásomething from X-Files or American Gothic it just says don’t go in here alone if at all. The light silhouettes the foreground and sweeps across the landscape highlighting a thick fog. Usually light helps illuminate, but here it serves to remind us how much we really can’t see and in these woods what we can’t see will…?