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Times Square – Tia


2) Photo credit to Hyacinth Millington (my mom)

3) Theme: Night life

4) This photo is  a picture of Times Square around 10pm on a summer night. My mom took this picture on our trip to NY when I was looking for schools to attend for college. The picture itself is full of life from the various colors of all of the lights to the ridiculous amount of people that are shuffling through the streets. This photo fits the theme because it clearly shows nightlife.

Photo Observation: Night Life


This is a photo I took during a late night visit to the London Eye early last month.

Theme: Night Life

Description: The neon lights burst opulent with a red and blue glow. The vibrant reflections soaked into the ground like that of a permeable sponge. The trees excitedly come to life as if woken from a long hibernation. Their shadows dance along the guided pathway revealing red circular orbits that trace the slow but ever-moving rim of the iconic eye. The dark sky is flooded with tints of red, further embellishing the explosive luster. The surrounding terrain acts as a canvas providing a foundation and the perfect stage for the night life of London.

Photo Observation 2 (nightlife)


Theme: nightlife

Description: I picked this picture because it shows the dark ambiance of the night sky contrasted by the pulsating bright lights of the city and traffic.  Even though there are many sources of light and overall the picture is bright, you can tell the surrounding area is dark and all the light is artificial. I also like the reflection light on the road from the cars, the glow surrounding the buildings and the many shadows the fill the picture.


Photo Observation 1

pound ridge

Photo by me, taken in Pound Ridge, NY in August 2015

Theme: Sunrise/sunset

This photo was a happy accident. My friend Jarred and I were driving to go get ice cream when I happened to look out the window and went “OH PRETTY!” and decided we had to pull over. Something about the stillness of the reservoir and forests surrounding it have a way of putting one at ease. It reminded me of how small I am compared to the universe, as well as how much I miss the awesome hiking trails in my little suburban hometown in New York.

Lighting Observation 1

  1. January 30th, 10:45am, Brooklyn
  2. Objective Description: There is sunlight coming through the bathroom window. The windows have a frosty glaze over them. It’s soft and you can see the blurred colors of the buildings and sky outside through the panes. There’s a glow in the room from the light reflecting off the tile.
  3. Subjective Description: The lighting creates a gentle mood. Relaxing and soft and trying to convince me to go back to bed once I finish my shower.

Photo Observation


Taken by: Katie O’Keefe

Theme: Sunrise/Sunset

This is a photo I took walking across the unispan on Friday night. The contrast of the natural beauty of the sunset with the synthetic light from the headlights and taillights of the cars zipping by on the turnpike below perfectly highlights the things I love about Hofstra, the combination of natural beauty while being just a hop, skip, and a jump from one of the most bustling cities in the world.

Lighting Observation

January 31, 2016, approximately 4pm

Objective: The light that I observed was the light shining through the window on the twelfth floor of Enterprise hall. The sun was bright and shining in in gold-saffron streaks, highlighting portions of the room while illuminating the dust floating in the air. 

Subjective: The light shining in through the window gives the room a hazy feeling, making the entire space feel warm with saffron light, creating a beautiful halo glow on everything it touches. It feels cozy and safe and everything is good. 

California dreamin’ on such a winter’s day (Photo1)

Palm trees at sunset in Southern California

My photo, taken in Southern California.


Cruising down the Norwalk freeway, after an exhausting yet satisfying day at the beach, the silhouette of solid mountains and swaying palm trees in the soft orange glow of the setting sun is the perfect way to end an absolutely quintessential California Summer Day. They say there is a history of truth behind every cliche…if this is my truth of the California Summer cliche, then so be it.