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A Lone Light in the Dark


Screen shot 2016-03-18 at 8.49.35 AM






Photo taken by flickr user haukerbald. Found here. Direct link here.


A singular, lone light illuminates a back door down a winding alley. The eerie glow eminating from the singular light source sheds light only on the set of concrete stairs leading onto a street? an alley? You’re not sure because you can’t see it. The late-night-into-early-morning fog creates a hazy atmosphere, filtering the bright white light into something softer (misleading), only sending yet another shiver down your spine as you fumble for your phone, only to discover its battery long dead. Your breath quickens as your mind races, and you begin walking at a brisk pace to go – you don’t know where, you only know you must get away from here.

A release

Date: 3/11/16 Time: 4:20 pm Location: Fire Island

Objective: The light is the vibrant sunset shining right past the houses, along the water.

Subjective: On such a beautiful day, my roommate and I decided to go to the beach.. but we instead headed towards Fire Island to see what was up. We arrived at this small dock, right by these houses and gazed out into the horizon. There was a moment of relief for just a brief second as I look at the seagulls accompany tiny patches of island and take off soaring into the sky. For a brief moment, it didn’t feel like any of my worries mattered.

light observation

1) March 15th – 7:15 am

2) The sunrise is shining through my window, illuminating my lamp, which was turned on as I woke up before sunrise, and the shadow of the lamp on the wall is interesting because it’s one of those multiple-bulb lamps with only a few bulbs on at a time, so like, some of the shadow is brighter than the other part of it, because it’s a shadow from the sun, but the light of the lamp illuminates it, and also, the light of the lamp is fluorescent white light, whereas the sun is throwing a very yellow/gold hue on the wall.

3) Well what I think is cool subjectively about this is that it’s kind of almost like a section of the wall as it was before the sun rose, being preserved into the daytime. Ignoring the fact that the sunlight is indeed reflecting off of everything and also passing through the translucent parts of my lamp, it’s kind of like a cut section of the wall from an earlier time – cause the sunlight isn’t affecting it, but the lamp light still is, whereas all around it, the sun is bright enough to not be able to see the lamp light at all affecting the wall. So that’s cool. I guess the emotion I’d put there is like, determined, like, the lighting itself from the early morning is determined to preserve itself through the day. Until, well, I turn off my lamp, I guess.

photo observation – 3spooky5me

drama22 spooky
Theme: Spooky
Description: Gonna be honest here, I asked myself “what’s spooky?” and my answer to myself was “cemeteries” so I googled that, and found this. I like the lighting a lot, cause the shadows really stretch along the ground in different angles due to the curvature of the 8mm camera lens, but it’s all coming from a single light source. It makes it look pretty surreal and cool and honestly spooky.

Spoopy Observation

IMG_1884.JPG Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 2.20.29 AM

Photo taken by: Me, Myrtle Beach, SC August 2014

Theme: Spooky

I managed to get a picture of the lighting striking out over the ocean. There were three storms taking place on the sea lighting up the sky, and the water. The shadows of the clouds appeared calming yet terrifying from such powerful storms.

Lighting Observation

Date: 3/17/16

Time: 12.20pm

Location: Bytes and Bites

Objective description: Sunlight is shining through the moving ceiling fan above me.

Subjective description: Warm sunlight flows through the overheard sky lights but is obstructed by the moving ceiling fan. As the blade rotate, fun shadows play on my table and make an illusion of the table itself spinning.