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Light Observation

Time: Wednesday evening

Objective Description: The sun was setting, and it turned the grad hall a soft shade of pink.

Subjective Description: Unfortunately, I can’t see the sunset from my room. However, I can always tell when the sun is setting because the grad hall, which I can see from my room, turns a romantic shade of pink. It makes the brick look much more softer and welcoming. The buildings and campus of Hofstra are already beautiful, but take on a completely new and wonderful feel in the pink light of the sunset.

A Blog Post Named Desire

campari-little-red-riding-hood-dominance-original-36269 Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 9.01.30 AM Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 9.01.42 AM

Theme: Desire Advertisement, Campari Liquor

The lighting in this advertisement makes the woman look powerful and attractive. Between the lighting and costuming, I’d say it’s a desire-based advertisement that uses white light and backdrop to highlight these aspects.

Photo Observation for 4-15

pokemon go ad VLL stagelight lab 1light lab 2


Description: This is an ad for Pokoemon Go! Two figures standing opposite each other in a stadium, the lighting on the figure in the foreground stage right is lit from the side/front, though that’s the back of the figure. A sort of general wash but with a lot of extra white light, because it’s stadium lights. The figure in the back stage left is lit from the front, and is actually facing those lights, also a bright white wash for stadium lights.

“Bottled, but not contained.”


Photo for the fragrance, “Uninhibited” by Cher. Found via google image search, direct link here. As the website it came from has since shut down, all I have is the direct link.


Advertisement model/Desire.

A soft, but bright angled side light illuminates part of your face, swathing the other half in soft, seductive shadows. A higher, angled sidelight highlights just how much skin is on display, focusing on your collarbones and shoulders. You sit on a cement staircase, demurely curling over your body – whether to preserve your modesty or allude to yet unseen uncovered skin is unknown – therein lies the allure.



Date: 4/13/16 Time: 6 am  Location: Kevin’s room 

Objective: The light is simply a room full of black light posters with a black lightbulb illuminating the posters of the room; and the sunlight as it gently rises.

Subjective: What fascinated me when I witnessed it happen was that the black light reflecting off the pictures, providing a ominous-purple glow. But then, when the sun begins to rise, and let’s in the bright, yellow light it looked like the room was possessed by a spirit I.e, the blacklight and the sun slowly washed away the evil as the blacklight faded away with the sun. 

Lighting Observation

Date: 3/30 Time: 6:45 Location: Montauk Light House

Objective Description: watched the sunrise on the rocks and witnessed the many colors that come up before and during the sunrise. created a calming and peaceful environment.

Subjective Description: I went to the Montauk Lighthouse where I watched the sunrise. I went with Richie and we woke up at 3 in the morning and left by 4 to get to the lighthouse. The view was beautiful and there were so many colors that lit up the sky. There was a moment where the was a rainbow in the sky and then it suddenly turned back into blue and then the sun finally rose up and it was a moment like the lion king. In that moment all of my worries left my brain and I was so grateful I got to witness such an incredible view that most people don’t usually get to see.

Location: Hammer Lab, 11pm

Objective Description: Bright, cool fluorescent lights strongly illuminate the room, leaving no darkness and very dim shadows regardless of time of day.

Subjective Description: The bright lights are over-bearing and give the students burning the midnight oil the feeling of being under the lamp at the dentist. The room has an almost sterile feeling, white walls under white lights, allowing not even the faintest of shadows, even as the hours grow late into the night.

Photo Observation



Description: This pictures lighting creates a very calming mood. the beams of light create many dimensions to his face. The different saturations of light and the color of the backdrop creates a mystery and pulls the audience in.

Lighting Pictures:

stage lighting with beamsvllpic000001


Description: This image uses a very strong, white light to highlight the angles and colors on the model’s face. By using this strong light, it creates interesting shadows that create mystery and adds to the “desire” aspect of the image.

Lucy-sit-angle Lighting

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.29.42 AM