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Lighting Ob #10

  1. 4/20/2016, 9:47pm, Netherlands North Courtyard
  2. Objective: The main source of light is coming from the lampposts outside of each house. There is a little light coming from students’ windows.
  3. Subjective: Walking through the courtyard at night always feels like one of the skeevy night scenes from a really bad movie. The only light given are these foggy, orange bulbs that give off an unwelcoming feeling. That being said they don’t provide much actual light while they’re at it.

Lighting Observation

Time: 11:13 am

Date: 4/18/16

Location: Subway ACE-L’Train

Objective Description: The dim-lit trains running underground give off a bleak glow as the flicker with the movement of the train. Sparks can be seen jolting off the side of the walls in the darkest of areas.

Subjective Description: The screech of the tracks brings a discomforting feeling as the dim and yellowed fluorescents flicker with unabiding inconsistency. The darkness of the tunnels is only amplified with the dimness of the train. Fellow passengers zombies in their own world, avoid eye contact, making the underground an even colder place. Against black walls of concrete,  blue and yellow would streak across the window. Sparks off the tracks creating what seemed like the only presence of warmth within a dark and foreign containment.

Lighting Observation #11

Date: 4/19/16 Time: 8-8:3ish Location: on my way to the Netherlands from the Student Center

Objective Description: The sky was almost black but slightly blue closer to the horizon and around the trees.

Subjective Description: As I walked home from the library I looked up at the sky and was mesmerized by the beautiful colors. The sun had already gone down but the sky was not perfectly black yet, there was a mixture of deep blue that outlined the trees and stretched up toward the moon as if not wanting night to come.

Virtual Light Lab: Four Seasons

Fall Sunset in Vermont

fall sunset 

Cyc Light


  • AP 3230 Intensity- 47%
  • AP 8350 Intensity-21%
  • AP 3600 Intensity-39%


  • AP 2100 Intensity- Full
  • AP 1800 Intensity- 53%

Model Light:

  • Direct Back AP 4720 Intensity- 71% Angle- 54 degrees
  • Top Left AP 3230 Intensity- 22% Angle-43 degrees AP 2190 Intensity- 37% Angle- 61 degrees
  • Top Right AP 3230 Intensity- 22% Angle- 43 degrees AP 2190 Intensity 37% Angle- degrees

The lighting in this image depicts that of a fall sunset in Vermont because these sunsets are known for being purple and orange, while also being soft and not to bright. This image shows gentle purple lighting at the top fading into orange, which represent the sun that would cast an orange hue around the model.

Spring Sunrise in Montauk


Cyc Light


  • AP 4700 Intensity-Full
  • AP 4870 Intensity- 27%


  • AP 7400 Inensity-31%
  • AP 6600 Intensity 21%

Model Light

  • Top Center AP 4720 Intensity-71% Angle-90 degrees
  • Left Top AP 3230 Intensity -22% Angle 43 degrees AP 2190 Intensity-37% Angle 61 degrees
  • Right Top AP 3230 Intensity -22% Angle 43 degrees AP 2190 Intensity-37% Angle 61 degrees

The lighting in this image depicts that of a spring sunrise in Montauk perfectly since at the beginning of a sunrise the orange glow of the sun is at the horizon and the sky always appears a hazy blue color, which is done in this image. The model is also illuminated with a slight orange tint since in the early morning the color of the sun cast soft light on anything in sight.

Noon on a hot Summer day in Hawaii

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 10.55.17 AM

Cyc Light


  • G841 Intesntiy-89%


  • G815 Intensity 37%
  • G842 Intensity- Full

Model Light

  • Back (either side of center) AP 37150 Intensity-Full Angle- 21 degrees
  • Top (either side of center) AP 7200 Intensity – 48% Angle- 51 degrees
  • Direct Back AP 7250 Intensity- 98% Angle- 54 degrees

The lighting depicts that Hawaii in the middle of the day because at that time of day the sky is usually a clear and a bright blue color. The model in this image in glowing a yellow- orange color in order to represent the glow the intense Hawaii sun gives off.

Winter Afternoon in Maine 

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.08.00 AM


Cyc Light


  • AP 2010 Intensity- Full
  • AP 2310 Intensity- 21%
  • AP 2000 Intensity- 28%


  • AP 2330 Intensity- Full

Model Light

  • Side AP 3220 Intensity- Full Angle AP 3200 Intensity- Full Angle- 27 degrees
  • Top Side (either side of center) AP 3200 Intensity 73% Angle- 51%
  • Top AP 2000 Intensity 73% Angle- 90 degrees
  • Direct Back AP 2310 Intensity 61% Angle-54 degrees

This is a representation of a winter afternoon in Maine; the sky is a grey-blue color the way the sky when it snows. The lighting is very cool to give the feeling of winter.

Lighting Observation #11: The Sun Hitting a Fence and the Pathway that emerges

4/18/16 – 8:30am – Outside Colonial Square on Path Towards Student Center

The morning sun shines through the temporary black plastic fencing lining the sidewalk. It casts a shadow across the width of the sidewalk making it patterned with oval-ish shapes.

When one stared at the lighting and pathway too much, the shadow and light on the sidewalk had this hypnotic feel. It was mesmerizing and was dizzying to look at it. The lighting that cast this shadow made the path feel like it belonged in Alice in Wonderland since the path looked like it was trying to be an optical illusion. The intensity of the morning light made the shadow dark and the light that shined through to hit the pavement bright; there was a sharp distinction between light and shadow just like the colors had been black and white instead of black and golden lit grey-tan pavement. The lighting moment and mysterious effect on the path would not have been the same without this intensity. The stark contrast created made it seem like this pathway must be leading to some sort of black and white timeless dimension. The shape of the holes in the fence made the spots of bright light on the sidewalk curious ovals. In my mind, the path swirled for some reason due to the pattern cast upon it. It was like a moiré effect. Walking across it was like being on a boat. The mood that the lighting created was surreal.