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Photo Observation #1

2. I took this photo on January 4, 2017

3. Sunset

4. This is a photo of a sunset on the ocean in Tortola. As the sun sets, a yellow reflection of light is seen on the water. The light shining through the clouds gives the picture a calming feeling. The soft glow of the setting sun creates a tranquil scene.

Light Observation

  1. Wednesday, February 1st; 11:00pm; Emily Lowe Hall 2nd Floor
  2. A campus lamp post from outside was shining through the small window slant in a professor’s door, all the way from down the hall.
  3. After getting out late from rehearsal and coming up the stairs to a fully lit hallway, a bright bluish light at the other end caught my eye.  Despite being in a hallway already full of light, this small spotlight orb caught my eye and drew me in;  after realizing it was an outside light making its way in to the building, I couldn’t believe I had never noticed its forceful beam before.  It gave off a foreboding and ominous feeling and, despite knowing it was a simple street lamp, it put me on edge.

Light Observation #1

  1. Tuesday, January 31 at 7:45pm outside Spiegel Theatre, looking at the path leading towards the weird statue.
  2. By this point in the night, it was almost completely dark, so pretty much the only light was coming from the lampposts and reflecting off of the snow that covered the ground.
  3. This moment felt very calm; the darkness was heavy but the soft balls of light provided a sense of hope by illuminating the natural beauty of a fresh coat of snow over the trees and the grass. The light also reflected the slick wet pavement of the pathway through these trees—this told me that though the storm was over, it wouldn’t be forgotten any time soon.

Light Observation

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: Feb 2nd, 7:30pm, Intramural fields through Constitution Window

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The lights are on on the fields and can be seen through the holes made between the dorm buildings.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: As I stare out the window looking at nothing in particular I look to the fields and notice the light makes the dew on the grass glisten. A very bright moment in a cloud of darkness that surrounds the fields. Its a light in the dark. I feel myself relaxing as I just breathe and take in the serenity of it all.

Photo Observation #1

  1. Photo taken by Eric Girouard in Ontario, Canada, 2013

  1. Sunrise/Sunset
  1. This photo of a sunrise over Niagara Falls captures the soothing yet powerful motion of the falls. The blue green water feels and looks frigid in comparison to the intense warmth radiating from the yellow and orange sun. The light in the picture makes it seem like the perfect most peaceful place to be would be floating in the cloud of white mist where the cool water droplets enclose your body but you can still feel the powerful warm glow of the sun.

Photo Observation

2. found at

3. Sunrise/Sunset

4. This photo shows a sunset with lots of purple light. I really enjoy the contrast between the yellow, orange and purple. The symmetry of the photo really helps with the lighting to make it a really peaceful picture to look at.



A Streak in the Dark Sunset

  1. Time/Location: February 1, 2017, 5:20 pm at the Hofstra Fitness Center
  2. Objective: As the sun was almost down and becoming a black violet, a streak of Indian red could be seen brushing across the sky.
  3. Subjective: To me, this particular sunset represents the ending of a life. When I was looking at this sunset, I was thinking about my senior film I would be shooting involves themes of mortality and regret. The streak in the sky almost attempts to break through the night, wanting to continue living on. However, it is clear that night will come and blot out the leak that has appeared. In this sunset, this crack in the night represented the resistance to the end of February 1, 2017.

Sunset Aesthetic

2. source: Emily Bausher’s roommate’s window

3. Sunrise/sunset

4. The sunset itself drew feelings reminiscent of a Van Gogh painting. The colors are two that are not typically seen together in artists’ works, but are visually compelling when seen in a sunset. The cumulonimbus clouds have the same aesthetic as the works of Monet and the impressionist era.




3. Sunset/Sunrise

4. The positioning of the bird’s nest frames the sun to enhance the sunrise. The colors of the sky caused by the sun combined with the birds making their nest remind me of spring and give the impression of warmth.  The way the plant below and next to the nest appear to be blowing in the wind.  The overall sense of the photo is warmth near the coast.

Light Observation 1

  1.  1/31/2017 2:00 AM My Bed, Hague House, Hofstra University
  2. A thin horizontal strip of blue light at the top of the wall farthest from me and blocks of white light that traveled against the wall when cars would pass by.
  3. The way the light looked blue on the wall with the constant passage of light scrolling through my room was mesmerizing. The cars seemed to pass by in a smooth rhythm and the light reminded me of counting sheep. Focusing on the light lulled me to sleep as the combination of the light’s color and rhythmic movement was incredibly calming.