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Photo Observation

  2. Happy
  3. A tropical island is my happy place reasons why I choose this for the theme. I love how blue the water is and you can see its clear as you can see the sand. The blue water and green trees to me go together. Blue and green are two colors that set well. The sun shining in the middle top makes me feel warm, my favorite season is summer. I like how the sun rays is reflecting off the trees a bit making the green fade into a yellow. I admire the green, blue, and yellow because it relaxes me and reminds me of vacation and that makes me happy.


  1. Wed. March 8th at 2 am, my friend’s dorm room
  2. The lights were turned off except for a lamp that was pointed at us. The light coming from it was yellow and warm. Our shadows were on the wall and we were dancing to music.
  3. The low glowing light barely lit the room. It caused a very soft, almost fuzzy, illumination. The color was warm. There was motion on the walls from our flailing arms.

Light Observation #6

  1. Looking out my dorm room window towards Oak Street on March 9 at 5:30pm.
  2. I was looking out at a slight sunset over the trees, but the sky was mostly still blue witth only a little bit of faded orange towards the bottom. The moon as also visible, as well as a few clouds.
  3. Looking out the window at the end of a long day, I couldn’t help but feel like the sky mirrored by feeling of weariness as the big heavy mass of blue put all of its weight on the faint glow of orange at the horizon. The shadow of the barren trees only added to the dreary scene. But way up in the sky there were some faint clouds and a vibrant white moon that provided a glimmer of brightness and hope.


  1. I took this photo in front of the western unispan on 3/3/17 at 5:13 PM
  2. happy!
  3. The blooming cherry tree is an amazing symbol of the spring to come. Springtime makes me happy; I can’t help but smile just thinking of the sudden warm weather and all of the beautiful blooming flowers. The sun was also setting, which shone a golden light on the petals that was impossible to capture on camera.

Photo Observation

  1. Daily Mail
  2. Happy
  3. Chinese lanterns are always lit during festivals in China. They represent peace and prosperity. When they are released into the sky they create a beautiful spectacle of dim and calm light that evokes a feeling of joy in everyone around. The warm and welcoming light creates the overall feeling of positivity and happiness to all who see.

Light Observation

  1. Wednesday in my dorm room at 1:45am.
  2. My roommate spent the night working on an essay and had the bright fluorescent light from her desk on and I couldn’t sleep for the 5th night of that week.
  3. The light was white, bright, harsh, and annoying. I was irritated because not only was it 2am on a Wednesday, but this was the 5th night that week she had kept me up with her shenanigans. If this how the rest of the semester will go, I think I will die.

Light observation

  1. Thursday, March 9, 7:00 am, in my bed.
  2. A beam of blue light reflected on my grey blanket.
  3. I was sleeping and my alarm went off to wake up. I turn around and I see a beam of this really cool dark turquoise light on my blanket really close to my face. I stared in amazement and then I looked up and my big water bottle that is the same color was sitting on the ac. The sunlight was coming through the blinds of the window and it passed through my water bottle hitting my blanket. I thought it was so astonishing, probably because I had just woken up and I see this pretty shining color out of no where. What had amazed me was how my blanket is dark and how the color shined so bright and the blue wasn’t a bright color. It was a shiny, deep, beautiful light.

Photo Observation #6

  1. This is a photo by Rick Anderson found at
  1. HAPPY!
  1. Somewhere in Central Park, a joyful and fun-filled day is coming to a close. The sun is still bright; it soaks the park-goers in a warm glow of friendship, relaxation, and happiness. Both the leaves from the trees and the balloons from the picnic are saturated with the sun’s powerful radiance that creates a map of colors across the grass. Slowly, the light is fading away, but the happiness of the day will linger when it is gone.

Living Lights in Content

  1. Location: Sensor Garden, February 9, 2017 at 12:50 p.m.
  2. Objective: At the fountain, the light reflects off of the pool of water. Underneath, shimmering orange-gold and black and white spotted light form koi fishes. Making up the floor of the koi fishes’ home are dark leaves spread across the floor.
  3. Subjective: The light shining onto the water and koi fish represents the happiness and content of life. Despite living in a fountain with a floor of leaves, the fish continue to swim and shimmer the light above. This fulfillment makes me happy for the fish and the simplicity of animals.