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Photo Observation #1

Photo from: Gianluca

Theme: Sunset

I choose this sunset first because of it’s location, Coney Island. Coney Island is a spot I’ve found myself at sunset many times so I have a lot of nostalgia towards it. More importantly, this sunset is important to me in that in invokes the feeling of a days end. The way the sun is bursting from the horizon is not only beautiful, but reminds me that while the sun it setting there’s still time to be active. The blue hues surrounding the sky and boardwalk also help showcase the suns ever encroaching setting.

Photo Observation #1

2) Taken in Denison, Iowa by myself

3) Theme is Sunrise/Sunset

4) The way the light goes over the stark darkness of the foreground of the trees and hills plus the mix of clouds which half covered the light allow for a ghostly effect. The light only pushing through the middle of the image making it a very focused light rather than being the usual sunset which hits the rest of the sky.

Photo Observation #1


Photo taken by Jim Burns

3. Theme: Sunrise/Sunset

4. This sunset causes a somewhat unsettling feeling that is not often shown in the usually beautiful pictures of the sun rising or setting. The purple/blue colors in the top clouds split the view of the sunset and the upright cloud with matching colors almost looks as if it is reaching out to the top. The scene is harshly intersected by yellow/orange gradient that allows this picture to showcase two vastly different colors caused by sunrises or sunsets. It also causes an eerie yet tranquil feeling to wash over me.

Light Observation #1

1/30/2018. 4:00AM. Inside my dorm

2) A series of string lights all with different autumn colors plus some light blues. These are all shaped in the form of a tear drop with a black metal cage on the outside. These are all against a white wall above an empty doorway.

3) The way the different color lights hit the empty blackness below while also hitting the white ceiling above made an illusion to heaven hell and purgatory. At night it ended up striking the scene as very pleasing to the eye with the not too harsh colors plus mix of light to dark.


Lighting Observation #1

  1. January 31st, 2018/Student Center Dinning Hall
  2. The artificial lighting from the dinning hall made a harsh yellow tone inside. Just outside the dinning hall is skylights that let the sun shine straight through into the student center creating natural light. Both the lighting mixed at the opening to the dinning hall creating a bright green.
  3. The two colors with very contrasting tones were the first thing to catch my eye. The sun shined at such an angle that it made the student center feel alive and new, while the dinning hall felt like it was in it’s own timezone completely. The green in the middle of it all made me think of a twilight, a space where both the clashing tones could find a middle-ground.

Lighting Observation #1

1. Date: February 1, 2018
Time: 5:30
Location: Emily Lowe Building
2. A robustly orange light shines on the side of the building onto a set of descending stairs that leads to a pair of double doors. The light creates shadows around the sides of the set of stairs.
3. This orange light forces you to imagine someone looking back and then slowly descending into the light, down the stairs, and then out of the light, through the doors. It would immediately cause a sense of unease for any onlooker and creates a feeling of mystery for whatever is behind the doors.

Light Observation

  1. Date: February 1, 2018, Time: 8:30pm Location: Hague 311
  2. There is a peachy-orange light shining through some semi-closed blinds on two walls, each showing the lines cast by the blinds the light is showing through.  On the far wall, the blinds cast shadows which are mostly parallel to the floor, whereas, on the side wall, the blinds cast shadows that occur at an angle, and are less defined as the shadows on the far wall.
  3. The shadows cast portray a sort- of mysterious, or eerie feel if paired with someone walking past the window, or a flickering of the light, the mood would be much scarier, however, the peachy light somewhat defeats some of the spooky-ness.