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Lighting Observation #2 – Home

  1. Date: 2/8/18, Time: 10:02 pm, Location: My kitchen
  2. There are several small fluorescent tubes underneath the kitchen cabinets that shine down on the kitchen counter(s). The counters and cabinets align one corner of the kitchen, and the tubes only light up when the main kitchen lights are turned off.
  3. Every night, these fluorescent tubes light up the kitchen when all else is still. The light it emits is an intriguing shade of blue, most likely cerulean. Its presence is almost ghostly, or even ethereal when compared to the mundane and dated 90’s-esque design of the kitchen. The light is not bright enough to blind anyone wandering the halls late at night, but not dim enough that its rays cannot reach my bedroom door.

Lighting Observation 3: Flame in the Snow

2/8/16 – 6:00pm Student Center Hofstra Shuttle Stop

The light is a ground light in a little island with a tree in the middle of the walkway that is nearby the shuttle stop. When this moment happened, the light was buried in the snow but still on. It glowed through the snow.

The little ball of yellowish wonder that was the light shown through the snow like a porous sea sponge. The light poked happily through the pores and holes of the snow. The little fire encased by the snow was warm and comforting; its warmth and blaze was like that of a hearth at home. Although shrouded in the snow, the light was not mysterious, hidden, or imposing but rather it was inviting, charming, and marvelous in nature when compared against the other street lights and its immediate surrounding. Put up next to the darker hues or shades of the not as well-lit snow around it, the golden light only seemed more gentle and kind. Simply put, the light in this moment had a warm, homey feeling in its small gentle but not dim glow that issued from beneath the snow.

Photo Observation 1

pound ridge

Photo by me, taken in Pound Ridge, NY in August 2015

Theme: Sunrise/sunset

This photo was a happy accident. My friend Jarred and I were driving to go get ice cream when I happened to look out the window and went “OH PRETTY!” and decided we had to pull over. Something about the stillness of the reservoir and forests surrounding it have a way of putting one at ease. It reminded me of how small I am compared to the universe, as well as how much I miss the awesome hiking trails in my little suburban hometown in New York.

Lighting Observation #4

1. February 18th, 11:30-12:00 at night on Portion Road.

2. This light is a bunch of bright headlights rushing by the left side of me. In front of me are red, some-what circular brake lights. These lights shined during a pitch black night.

3. As I drive home from a long day of work, I noticed the blaring, but beautiful headlights that rush past me on a dark night. They start off as a small twinkle in the distance, but as the cars on the other side rush by, they become two big white lights, creating a streak of brightness that lasts for a mere second. In front of me are two glowing red lights that flicker on and off. These brilliant lights were all around me as they illuminated the rest of my way home.


Light Observation #10

1) 3/28/13, 11:30pm, the kitchen in my house

2) The big light fixture in my kitchen is currently non-existant. At night, if you want to see, you have to turn on the little light over the stove.

3) You rarely think about what it would be like to not have electricity, and be able to see clearly at any time of day or night. The kitchen is spooky. It’s torn apart, as we’re getting the house ready to sell. There are no doors on the cabinets, the fridge is in the middle of the room and there’s a paint covered ladder 2 feet from the fridge door. The creepiest part of the entire picture are the shadows cast from having a single light source that is to the side of everything, not above it. The ladder and fridge cast big, looming shadows onto the walls and there are hundreds of little shadows under each exposed dish in the cupboards. The strangest sensation is the contrast to the bright, cheery dining room next door. I wouldn’t want to live in a world without late-night-light.

Light Observation #9

1) 3/29/13, my bedroom at home, 12:42pm

2) The sun was shining in through the window onto a shiny jar, and the mirror was picking up the bright reflection of the sun on the jar and shining it in my face.

3) Sitting in my bed, something irritating kept catching my eye. Looking up, a small, blinding ray of light hit me in the eye. It was not pleasant. I thought it was strange, because my blinds were half closed, that this amount of light had managed to find it’s way in to irritate me. The thing about light is that just closing part of your blinds won’t stop it, that pesky little bugger will find something to reflect off of and blind you that way instead.

Photo Observation 4



This photo reminded me of happy because of the simplicity. When i think of happy i tend to think of relaxing at home where its not to bright and not to dark. A calm dim light rather than overly bright or too dark. Also the christmas lights on the wall remind me of Christmas witch is typically very happy.