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Photo Observation #9: Gentle Sunlight and Gentle Shadows on a Shelf


I took this photo.

The theme is gentle.

This photo’s light falls into this theme since the lighting is not harsh and glaring. It does not hide the details of the photo’s subjects with huge splotches of light but rather has a gentle light that is fairly even in its beam-spread. The lighting is soft with a dim feeling or low intensity. This lighting is gentle just like how a soft whisper might be seen as gentle in terms of sound. It catches the details and illuminates them with a surrounding glow. The lighting is friendly with its distribution of being about the subjects. It is like a gentle hug one might give at a funeral. Even the shadows are faint and soft in this gentle light.
Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 1.15.48 PM

Ghost Light – Tia

spotlightScreen Shot 2016-03-11 at 12.35.59 AM

Photo Cred:

Theme: Artificial light, single source

Description: This is just a plain spotlight shining down on this individual from above. The spotlight appears to be coming from only one source and gives a feel of importance to the actor onstage because all of the attention is on him.

Photo Observation



Theme: Artificial Light

This picture stood out to me because this lamp creates a pool of light. It is a room full of darkness and this lamp shine son this mans head which then illuminates some of the room. This photo fascinates me due to its black and white qualities. It sets the mood for the emotions of this man.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.18.17 PM

Lighting Observation: 3/11

Date: 3/5/2016

Time: 6:30 PM

Location: Bocca Di Bacco Restaurant NYC

Objective Description: The sun was going down, however, the restaurant was completely dark inside as there was only one window towards the front of the restaurant. My family and I were seated in the back and once the sun was completely down, they dimmed the lights and lit each table with candles as the main source of illumination.

Subjective Description: A dark warm, however, warm and inviting. The atmosphere lit with soothing and glowing flickers from the center of each dark, wooden table. The menus barely legible under the dimly lit flourescents hanging overhead. Each person placed on each side of the table laughed with a glow that I had not seen in quite some time. Lit from beneath, each person’s features were eccentuated with shadow and orange glow from the burning flame centered on the table. Quite a contrast from the burning flame illuminating the dark and dingy vaults of Edinurgh, but rather an inviting atmosphere with warmth of joy and company.

Photo Observation: Artificial Light


This is a picture I took underground in the Edinburgh Vaults.

Theme: Artificial Light

Description: A world of complete darkness. Catacombs of a hidden world and deadly secrets that lurch in every pitch black corner. One single flicker illuminates the dark history that lies beneath the ground of unsuspecting footsteps. The cold, wet, and unearthed walls of the vaults look beige under the glow of the single-lit flame. The face of the guide, lit maniacally from belo, giving even him, an heir of supernatural curiosity. Remnants of a world unknown remain unseen until the eventual unveiling from a small flame temporary light. The only glimpse of warmth in an otherwise cold and unwelcoming society of darkness.


Photo Observation


Photo taken by: me

This is a picture of my house around Christmas time. I find it very interesting that the light that is shining on the holy family on the left casts an interesting shadow onto my house. The shadow of Joseph looks like the grim reaper in between the four windows on the left. It looks like a hooded dark figure. It brings a spooky feeling during Christmas time.

Date: 2/8/16 Time: 11:00 Location: Max Cerci’s Room

Objective: lamp in the corner that is lighting up the room with the TV on.

Subjective: the lamp is creating a pool of light that is making the environment relaxing while watching Christina Aguilera, Max’s favorite artist. It gives off an amber color that lights up the corner of his room leaving the rest of the room slightly lit.

Lighting Observation

Date: 2/7/16

Time: 6:45 pm

Location: Witches Brew

Objective Description: The sun had already set and it was dark and cold outside. As my friend and I entered the doors into the Witches Brew, it took a bit of time for our eyes to adjust to the dim yet warmly-lit glow of the Christmas lights and red incandescent bulbs setting the atmosphere for the calm, comforting, warm and inviting environment.


Subjective Desscription:

The warm, orange glow reflected softly off of the clear frosted windows. Strings of lights illuminated the dark and enclosed shelter from the frozen fallen snow. A string of multicolored warm bulbs radiated against the pale windowsills illuminating hues of oranges and reds. In the chandeliers hanging gently above fortunate tables lit a purposeful red glint from the differently-shaded red bulbs warming even the dark, wooden ceiling. Every ounce of cold and frigidness left my body as I was embraced by warmth from every direction. I’m not quite sure if the temperature within the Witches Brew was actually as warm as it felt, but rather that the ambiance of the lighting was warm enough to make me physically feel it.

Photo Observation: Cold Lighting in a Movie


This photo is from the blog, which took it in turn from the motion picture Pan’s Labyrinth.

The theme is cold, and the lighting is cold in this still image.

The lighting spreads a cool blue wash over the scene which gives a feeling of coldness to the beholder. It is like an ocean’s wave’s tears have gone and made themselves at home in the scene, but the tear drops do not fall everywhere. They leave some shadow to contrast the hue of the watery lighting. Due to their hue, soft illumination, and saturation, the wave’s tears, the lighting, might actually subconsciously induce feelings of cold. The lighting contains such a gloomy cold feeling that it touches the mind and instinctively prepares it for darker emotions like those that one might feel after watching someone suffer. The feelings of the lighting are sad, cold, and isolated. This lighting would fit well with a scene of someone stranded in the tundra. It is so cold that it can be seen as being devoid of the warm sunny day and something of the cold, dark night.

Lighting Observation 3: Flame in the Snow

2/8/16 – 6:00pm Student Center Hofstra Shuttle Stop

The light is a ground light in a little island with a tree in the middle of the walkway that is nearby the shuttle stop. When this moment happened, the light was buried in the snow but still on. It glowed through the snow.

The little ball of yellowish wonder that was the light shown through the snow like a porous sea sponge. The light poked happily through the pores and holes of the snow. The little fire encased by the snow was warm and comforting; its warmth and blaze was like that of a hearth at home. Although shrouded in the snow, the light was not mysterious, hidden, or imposing but rather it was inviting, charming, and marvelous in nature when compared against the other street lights and its immediate surrounding. Put up next to the darker hues or shades of the not as well-lit snow around it, the golden light only seemed more gentle and kind. Simply put, the light in this moment had a warm, homey feeling in its small gentle but not dim glow that issued from beneath the snow.