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Light Observation #4

1.) My Home in Attlboro Massachusetts. 4:35pm Saturday

2.) My sisters daughter’s room is on the 2nd floor of our house. The room has pink walls, pink furniture, and pink curtains (I know, its a but much). However, what is cool is that when the sun starts going down the beams come through the window, trough the pink curtains, bounce off the pink walls, and shoot strait out of the room. The pink rays make the light in the hallway pink directly across from the door and the floor leading to it is also pink.

3.) When the door is closed, the pink faintly peaks out from the bottom of  the door. When I walked towards it I imaged that I was walking towards a portal to another world, uncertain of what was on the other side. Then as I open the door to see the other side, I am hit with a array of pink light that blinds me and knocked me over. Its like being punched in the face by a fairy.

Light Observation #4

1) 2/18/18- 8:20pm- New York City (near Penn Station)

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: While walking past some buildings, there was a fairly large building with all glass windows in the front. Inside I could see this weird lobby that was empty except for one man at the end of this wide hallway next to some sort of desk. The top and bottom of these walls were lined with bright blue lights that appeared to be similar to neon lights. The color of the blue was very pure as if it wasn’t not mixed with any other color.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The light appeared to be very ominous. It caused me to feel scared in some sort of way. The light was so bright and colorful compared the the street that it felt very haunting and demanding to me. The light pierced my eyes but I couldn’t stop looking at it becuase of it’s attention grabbing atmosphere. This moment was fairly creepy becuase not only was the building strange, but the lighting really added into the weirdness of the setting.

Lighting Observation #3

1) 15 February 2018//11:39pm//The Witches Brew

2) There are many light sources. Candles on the tables. Warm light coming from old fashioned bulbs. String lights. Many red light bulbs. There are a lot of Mylar balloons that are reflecting all the different light sources. Most candles are in clear glass containers but some are in red glass. There is also silver tinsle slightly swaying and reflecting light. The rotating fan blades also throw light around the space.

3) Everything about this place exudes warmth. The smell of the food and coffee. All the candles. The red lights. There are so many things that would be out of place that all find a home here. You can tell that it was once a home because it  still has the living space feeling. Every surface is dimly lit and a part of the story. The music is the only thing that definitively makes this place feel modern, even with the Mylar balloons. There is just something magic in the eclecticism of the cafe. The way the lights bounce around and get absorbed by the blackness of the wall but dance across and reflect off of everything else gives this space it’s witchy flicker.

Light Observation #3

1. Date: February 15, 2018
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: In front of Weed Hall
2. The is a bright blue light on top of the emergency pillars, namely the one in front of Weed Hall, and at night it casts a light blue haze immediately around it.
3. This light made me feel strange for some reason. I believe the purpose of the light is to stand out as much as possible in the event of an emergency but, in light of recent events, it comes off as almost unnerving. I always expect an emergency light like that to be red or white, but adding the situation to that lighting choices causes two feelings that conflict each other.

Light Observation #3

1. 2/14/2018 8PM outside Netherlands Dorms

2. The flashing lights of a fireman’s car drove by, the blue and red flashing brightly as it approached the dorm. A small mix of yellow light was also in the warning lights with over the car. The front headlights a bright and harsh radiant white.

3. It was almost a shock when the vehicle turned the corner, the lights going off as a fire alarm sounded loudly. The lights hitting me just before it rounded on the building giving me a sudden flash of panic as those colors made my brain associate with danger. Then realizing it was a drill my panic calmed and I walked on with those illuminating flashes behind me.

Light Observation #2

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 2/7/18–11:15 pm–Netherlands North Core

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: While walking back to my dorm at night, there were 2 lamp posts in the Netherlands North side. The two lamp posts were the only light that allowed me to see where I was going. The light posts were on my right side as I walked, however there was a gap in between the posts with no light.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The light here did not make me feel good in anyway. The lamp posts gave off a sickly, warm color. It made me feel nauseous and annoyed. The fake looking color of the lights just made me think of how much disgusting light pollution humans have created. The light gave off this frustrating, gross feeling that was not a great feeling to have when coming home late.

Lighting Description #2

Location: Emily Lowe 2nd Floor 8:50 am in our classroom.

In our classroom there was a lamp placed on the desk in the front left corner. The first two windows in the room have their blinds closed the following windows are pulled up to about three quarters. The lights are all off except the lamp and the projection of jelly fish. The light from the lamp is a warm yellow. The lamp lights up the top corner of the desk but creates a shadow on the floor immediately close to the desk. The light makes a 90 degree angel with the outside being light and the inside being a shadow. The walls are hit with much lower intensity than the desk and it washes over everything in the room. My skin is ever so slightly yellowed by the light.

The light creates a mysterious mood. It reminds me of a lone street lamp on a dark street. Or a light from stranger things. I think the light has a retro feel because the lamp is using bulbs from the the 70’s and 80’s. I can picture a room with this lone lamp in a movie about Aliens and the light would flicker as the Alien approaches the room.

Light Observation #1

1) 2/2/18 – 6:00 PM in my dorm room

2) It is completely dark in my room except for my white and blue fish tank lights. I have two tanks that sit on a tall shelf at the end of my bed. At this time, the top tank is set on the blue setting while the one underneath is set on a white/blue mix. I sit leaning against my wall, therefore the tanks are on my right.

3) As I closed my laptop from doing homework, the beautiful shine of the LED lights of the tanks gave me a sense of happiness. Because I had finished most of my homework for the day, it was very uplifting to see the only light in the room to be the source of my little fishies. The light was fairly bright, however not at all as abrasive as my laptop screen had been like just before. It was a hopeful sight to see after working on homework and projects.

Lighting Observation #1

  1. January 31st, 2018/Student Center Dinning Hall
  2. The artificial lighting from the dinning hall made a harsh yellow tone inside. Just outside the dinning hall is skylights that let the sun shine straight through into the student center creating natural light. Both the lighting mixed at the opening to the dinning hall creating a bright green.
  3. The two colors with very contrasting tones were the first thing to catch my eye. The sun shined at such an angle that it made the student center feel alive and new, while the dinning hall felt like it was in it’s own timezone completely. The green in the middle of it all made me think of a twilight, a space where both the clashing tones could find a middle-ground.

Lighting Observation #7

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: May 7th, 5pm, Lowe’s raceway

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: At the movies, its a blackout right after a climactic point in the movie, and theres a cellphone lighting up two rows in front of me.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: There’s just been a major fight, the villain defeated, i’m ready for the next scene, but a light catches my eye. No, not a light on the big screen, a small screen two rows ahead is blinding me. Distracting, rude, obnoxious. I just want to watch this movie, but now its dark and all I see is the blinding light from the tiny phone.