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Light Observation #3

1.) My Room Wednesday Night 2/14/18 @ 8pm.

2.) A Lava Lamp on in my dark room. The lava Lamp has a cool temperature, it is a light blue. The small Lava lamp is siting on top of my white bureau shelving in the corner of my room. My curtains are down blocking all of the Uniondale streetlights. The light turns the corner of my room a bright light blue. The beams reaches out to about 3/4 of my room and fades out before it can reach the forth wall. My walls are a light green color and when mixed with the blue light it made a very light blue-green, more blue than green. The blue light also reflected off my TV screen and gave some extra light to my bed.

3.) This light gives me an interstellar feeling. I feel like I am in a space ship that is far out in deep space. The only light source that can be seen is the blue light source running the life tanks.

Photo Observation #7


  1. Single subject single light source
  2. My camera roll
  3. The flash from my camera is the only light source illuminating Buddy (aka my dog). It makes him appear to be the center of attention even though he’s almost the same color of the couch. I took this picture in the middle of the night after getting my wisdom teeth out because I didn’t even remember Buddy coming to lay with me.

Lighting Observation

3/16/2017  4 AM Hague House, my room

White light pouring in through the window, light coming from the top half of the computer coming out in slots, bottom half unobstructed light. Covers walls in light.

The darkness of the night is a myth.  When the supposed darkest hours of the day are in full swing, endless light pours forth into my room and shines across each wall.  The glow of the light shifts slowly over time but persists in breaking through no matter what hour it is.  The only wall spared of the chunks of brightness graces my roommate while I face the wrath of the night’s sunny gleam.

Lighting Observation 2

Date: 2/04/2016 Time: 9:40 p.m. Location: Outside of Lowe/Bits

Objective Description: It’s dark out and the only the light is coming from the street lamps around campus. There is also some glow coming from classrooms and offices in Lowe and Memorial. The few people that are out around this area of campus are mostly silhouetted and hard to make out.

Subjective Description: Many people feel scared or anxious in the dark. I usually feel that way a bit as well, except for tonight which is why this lighting moment caught my attention. The gentle glow of the street lights accompanied with the light from a few random offices was actually a wonderful moment. The lamps were not bright and harsh so the light coming from them was warm and comforting. It was very peaceful out and the darkness, with the accompaniment of the lamps, was beautiful instead of frightening. The silhouetted people and dark buildings made everything feel abstract and almost dream like.

Light Observation #10

1. 12:42 AM April 7th 2013 – Netherlands Courtyard

2. I am outside smoking a cigarette. I look up at the clouds in the sky. they are glowing light blue from an unknown light source.

3. I am filled with a sense of wonder and excitement. I look up and see puffy light blue clouds glowing up the night sky. The moon is nowhere to be found. At first, I figure the clouds are being lit by the moon behind it. But when I look up, and really search, a ray of moonlight is nowhere to be found. Then I look at the clouds. I see light tints of amber and green, some yellow, and blue, even a hint of purple and pink. I realize that the light source is the world. I am living and breathing on a planet with the power to shine past the clouds and into the galaxies. I am filled with a never ending joy of power and excitement. Nothing can stop me for I am on the world and I am living. I too, like the globe, can shine.