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Photo Observation

1. drama 16 single source light 2


3. Spooky

4. Owls are spooky creatures. They hunt their prey at night, they can rotate their head 180 degrees, and they’re silent when in flight. what makes this photo spooky, however, isn’t the owl itself. the way the owl is lit is very eerie. Its lit from behind with a faint white light from the moon. You can tell its an owl only from its silhouette. The light doesn’t show any of its gorgeous features only the dark mysterious body of this spooky creature.

Photo Observation #3

2. This photo came from the blog of Dr. Guy C. Clark, a dentist in Albuquerque.

3. Night Life

4. Only a dark and mysterious silhouette of the two owls can be made out in front of a dark, dull gray-blue sky. The flash of the camera reflects a bright red, menacing glare from their eyes, giving a sense of uneasiness to an otherwise tranquil scene and sending chills up one’s spine. The owls stare, unmoving; they aren’t threatened by anyone or anything, because once the sun sets, the woods belong to them.