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Photo Observation #3 – Night Life

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  2. Theme: Night Life
  3. While I personally do not and have not engaged in such activities, one’s definition of “night life” can be associated with young people, particularly high school and college students, going out to party and have a good time with friends. Personally, there is something so intriguing to me about a group of people just coming together for such an occasion. Most likely, there would be music blaring through the speakers while everyone is jumping to the beat. The image depicting an explosion of light and color also makes it come across as a crazily fun experience.

Heavenly, Awoken Excitement

SourcePhoto Courtesy of MGM Resorts International on Forbes Travel Guide (

Theme: Night Life

Description: Numerous spotlights are turned on, most are with a light blue-white gaze while four in the back are a light lavender. Each spotlight is going into a different direction, yet somehow is able to make a shape within the chaos. The environment around the light is a dark blue that is intensified by the crowd’s green glow props and green glowing parts of the environment. Most likely blacklight was used for this party scene.

Seeing this picture instantly raises my heartbeat and fills me with excitement. While this picture is a party, the way the lights and colors are arranged reminds me of a heavenly, welcoming place that fills you with joy. It makes me think of the song “Sleepyhead” by Passion Pit. This scene of light makes me want to continue staying awake.

Party House Repetition with Primary Colors

  1. Location: House on Front Street, February 11, 2017 at 10:45 pm.
  2. Objective: A line of LED lights that illuminate red, then blue, and finally green, over and over. They are the only lights on, cascading the the small interior of the house party in the primary colors.
  3. Subjective: As the music and tight crowd was drowning me out, all I could see was the repeating colors of red, blue, and green. These repeating color changes, hurting my eyes with its repetition, made me think about all the times I had been at a party or one of the bars. I would go, arrive, drink, and then head home. Doing this same thing over and over again to find some connection or fulfillment. Sometimes I would, other times I would not. Yet staring into those primary lighting colors made me realize that I would do similar patterns for partying.

Photo Ob #4

  2., Tomash, Firefly at The Decemberists Concert June 13 2011

3. Nightlife

4. This photo incorporates both the party and serenity in nightlife. There are a lot of different sources of light for this photo that create a frame for the firefly, which is how I see night life. There are the occasional concert and spotlights from parking lot lights or head beams but really the only night life you see where I live are these amazing little bugs. I like the contrast of colors, it brings life and energy to play off of. The reflections of both show how much more light, in any amount, affects us during the night rather than the day.

Photo Observation- week 11


3) Theme: Party

4) Its a dark with purple lighting and small glimpse of an orange and yellow light in the background over the bar. The strobe lights in the back highlight the NASA sign because it was a NASA party. All you see is fun lighting and people having  fun.

Party Photo



From denim and diamond girls website. A Kansas City Escort Girl site. This is an example of an event you’d take a girl to apparently


4) Instead of going for a out of control type of college party with binge drinking and orgies, I decided to take a classier approach. I wanted to pick a type of ball or gala party, something luxurious and decadent. This party seems like its only for the richest of the rich and the lights provide a soothing yet sensual backdrop to this fancy event. The candles are soft and inviting and the blue and purple on the drapes are lovely.

Photo Observation #10


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This looks like a party to me. I really like the way the white light seems very warm, highlighting the color of the champagne, and how it is dispersed by the fizz. It emphasizes the droplets, which makes the photo feel more fun. It feels explosive (in a good way) and vibrant, but simple.

Photo Observation 10- I think

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2. Party

I like the hot reds and oranges, its very intense and feels like a bunch of sweaty bodies rockin’ out, partying hard core. It’s very hot, sensual, very party. I also like how the people are all in silhouette, and that you can see the beams of the lights, it’s pretty cool. Especially the one in the middle which reminds me of the sun, ironically. It makes me think of these people partying all hours of the night to the point where they have become nocturnal and now see these artificial lights as replacing the sun.

Photo Observation Devin Gee

2) ( I found this photo by google images and this is the site it came from originally.)

3) Theme: Party

4) I thought this picture felt like a party to me because I associate practicals like these to being at a party.  These kind of lights are also used during christmas and other holidays, which tend to have party’s and this kind of lighting is always present.  The assortment of colors also help convey party to me because I feel as though a party in terms of light should be filled with color.  I feel as though this picture conveys party type lighting which is flashy, colorful and vibrant, it should also stick out and feel lively.  Besides the lighting in this picture other lighting that creates the same feeling are disco balls, strobe lights, lasers etc.

Photo Observation: Party


Theme:  Party

I chose this picture for party because of the light on the bar and how it is reflected in the glass bases and stems of the martini glasses.  When I think of parties, I think of drinking and I think this picture shows the party spirit with brightly colored drinks under a low light.  You can see the light reflecting off the tops of the liquid in the glasses and the fruit that is garnishing the drinks.