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Light Observation

  1. Thursday, April 6, 2017 at 10 near Enterprise.
  2. On the side walk there was a little clear puddle on the floor like a mirror and in the middle there was a flash bright zig zag white purple line which was lighting.
  3. I was walking to one of my classes and it was raining. I looked down and there as a bunch of puddles around me. One in particular caught my eye because it was like a flash of purple light for a quick second. Even though it was for a few seconds it was enough time to observe the detail of the light. It was a crooked, bent, curved line. What really made the shape stand out was the color of white and purple. I thought it was really pretty and interesting to see an exotic light coming from the sky. For a moment I was shook because I was viewing this through a puddle and still got to see detail as if I was looking up into the sky.

Photo Observation Mysterious

2.) This photo was taken by Jovana: 285835806

3.) Mysterious

4.) A purple lit path through a mountain where people can raft on the salt waters surrounded by the earth.  Where one would expect a sky there is the ground, the ground above looks as if the moon were bearing down just above the earth over everyone’s’ heads.  The bizarre feeling of another world is created by the purple lights casting unique shadows and light in the tunnel.

Photo observation

  2. Mysterious
  3. I take an interest in this picture as being mysterious because of the shadow and the color. I love the purple because it has an eerie vibe. The purple is also light enough to reflect a shadow. The shadow has an unknown story. We can see there is a shadow but we don’t know exactly what it is. It could be a person, animal, object etc. Who knows… it is a mystery.

Photo Observation

2. found at

3. Sunrise/Sunset

4. This photo shows a sunset with lots of purple light. I really enjoy the contrast between the yellow, orange and purple. The symmetry of the photo really helps with the lighting to make it a really peaceful picture to look at.



Photo Observation – #5

1. dreamlike-lighting-design-computer-40137


3. Dreamlike

4. It is the crack of dawn on a desolate beach, and the sun has begun to light up the deep blue sky.  Shining over the horizon, rays of red, orange and yellow cast down upon the hot sand.  The beaming sun shines down on two lush trees creating long, dark shadows along the ground. The silhouettes of the trees lie on the seemingly blue sand that hasn’t been fully illuminated by the sun’s inviting rays.  The golden light can fool anybody into thinking they are in a dream.