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Photo Observation 4

  2. Mysterious
  3. To me, the most mysterious things in the world is space, especially since NASA’s announcement (ALIENS???). I love this picture because it is one of the most vivid pictures of the stars that I have ever seen. It almost appears as thought night doesn’t exist there because it is so bright. I also love the mysterious red glow of the tents in the foreground that add another level of mystery. This picture was taken at Cherry Springs State Park in Pennsylvania, which my roommate and I are planning to visit on our road trip this spring break, and it is considered one of the best places to see stars in the world.

Lighting Observation #8: Mood Lighting in the Booth

11 March 2016-3:41pm-Colonial Square East Dorm Security Booth and Desk

The sun shines through the window suddenly and illuminates details and causes shadows that weren’t there a moment ago.

The light makes the the window look musty and dirty; like a portal to an older time when windows aren’t clean as much. It gives a a bluish and greenish tint to the pages of my notebook like they are sick with some sort of deadly illness, and it causes many shadows that emphasize the edges of things like lighting a human face to point out wrinkles and age. Overall, the lighting gives a feeling of oldness and allows reflection on the past and present with the tone that it gives to the room and its objects. The light’s reflections off of the binder ring of the binder with the names of the residents in it also add a feeling of magic. It makes the room transform into a timeless place and it causes  reminiscent thoughts. In this moment, the lighting is like that which might be used in a flashback scene in a film. It makes the entire world resemble an old book with its soft and yet powerful light. The light is also golden like the yellowed pages of a book. It shimmers and the shadows flicker a little bit adding to the dream-like quality and feeling of being transported to another time. The distribution of the light comes from the window behind the desk and fills up only about half of the booth where I sit at the desk. It does not touch the cool half of the booth with the exit to the outside world The lighting is reflexive, questioning time, the past, and my perception of these objects with its qualities. The lighting has a feeling of being old and looking back, a feeling of reminiscence.

Lighting Observation #8

1. March 7th 2014 at around 8:30 at Take-One Theatres.

2. A long rectangular strip of lights that flash colors of cyan and red. Along with it is a bright, white spotlight.

3. On a Friday night, Take-One Theatres opened up their first show of ‘Peter Pan’. To make our flying scene magical we used a massive strip of lights that illuminated the space our Peter “flew” around. The light blinked bright, saturated reds and blues around the stage, generating a warm and exciting aura to the show. As Peter Pan whizzed around, a bright, white light shone down upon her, making her the star of the moment. The astonishing lighting made her the center of attention and helped the audience feel the magic of the moment.

Photo #6



This photo I find particularly inspiring for many reasons. For one, I have found the concept of space and space exploration inspiring and exciting all my life. Most importantly, I think the composition of the photo is inspiring. The sun peaking out over the earth shines as a beacon of light that motivates you to be the best you can. It slowly starts to illuminate the Earth, which is like illuminating the your path, and showing that the world is yours to conquer.

Photo Observation

This photo came from

theme: unreal

When I first looked at this photo, I imagined I was looking at photos of planets from distant solar systems, the surfaces covered in craters and canyons. But then I read the description; each of these photos is a picture of the bottom of an old beat up frying pan. And to me that is almost cooler than it being real planets, almost. But seriously, with just a little bit of imagination the most mundane things in our lives could be seen as something mysterious and beautiful. Place an old frying pan on a black background and it becomes a far off planet full of mystery. All of a sudden every bump and burn becomes fascinating, so why not use a little imagination and allow ourselves to see the mundane things in our lives as fascinating. If you look at things the write way, anything can be beautiful.

Photo Observation #10 – Tear in the Sky

James Vernacotola took this picture (!i=788299647&k=WUYJx )

THEME: Dealer’s Choice

Description: What you are looking at is the launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour in the distance. It is a beautiful site as the launch reflects in the waterway. It looks as if the shuttle tore open the sky. An open gash, revealing loads of light onto the night sky. The bright warm color of the tear compliments the cool color of the moon so well. The sky is lit so much. The moon, rip, and stars are all brightly filling the sky with its beauty. There is no unknown here, nothing is unseen, yet there is still magnificence that exists that never becomes boring to the human eye. Bright colors and lights will always attract the attention of humans. This draws the eye immediately. The rip even uses the horizon as an axis to replicate itself below it. The sky connects with the waterway and creates a pinnacle site of fascination.