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Light Observation #6

1. 3/7/2018 Outside my window at 12 PM

2. The entire parking lot was covered in not the nice bright white snow but instead a dark blue snow that covered everything. The light from the sun trying to push through the large clouds making a dark blue light as only shadows came through.

3. The way that only the shadows and darkest of light was getting through made the room feel very warm and nice. so how it made me feel to be outside of the odd light . Not the actual light itself, which was more cold and not fun to run through.

Photo Observation #4

2. This photo came from a storm chaser blog at

3. Mysterious

4. Though the sky is dark, the land is submersed in a strange yellow glow. The green of the grass is unnaturally bright: it is screaming for help, but the storm has already taken hold of the sky, taking the sun away and filling its place with darkness. And soon it will wreak havoc on the land as well. Where does the yellow haze come from and how long will it last before everything becomes dark?

Photo Observation #3: Cold

  1. 20060407122750_waxing-storm-ii
  2. Photo from
  3. Theme: Cold
  4. This quality of light in this picture is cool and eery. It shows the picture of a desert road which would normally be sweltering hot. On the contrary the coming storm and it’s clouds filters the light making what would naturally be a warm amber into a blue and green tinted shade. The shadows are undefined and scattered making the ground hazed and dark. The light shining through the clouds is a cool blue creating shades of grays and blues across the sky. When I look at this picture I picture the wind blowing cool air down my back and the shivering anticipation one gets in night air of winter. What is especially interesting is that the light looks cold in a climate and location that is normally extremely hot.