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Lighting Observation 3

2/15/2017 8:00 PM Outside the Netherlands

It was dark out and the lamps outside the Netherlands cast light on the ground in strips, rather than fully coloring the ground.  Underneath each light, there were strips of dark and light surrounding the pole of the light.

Though it was night, there were several suns painted on the floor along with my walk home.  Their rays lit the walkway and the path was transformed from the dreary cold night to my own personal suns.  Torn between suns and yellow daisies the image of the night became rather cheerful regardless of the black sky.

Lighting Observation #1

  1. 2/1/17 5:40 pm, in front of the New Academic Building
  2. The sun has almost set and the sky is a brilliant blue. The street lamps have turned on and their orange glow shines on the bare trees in front of the NAB, creating branching shadows. The dull orange illuminates what is the outer section of the black box.
  3. I was taking fabric from the playhouse to the dumpster and i found myself attracted to the light glowing on the NAB. Every time I returned outside to the dumpster, the lighting became less subtle as the street lamps grew brighter in the dark. I felt very warm and excited to have witnessed the complementary colors occur next to each other.

Lighting Ob #3

  1. 2/8/2016, 8:12 pm, Walking from Netherlands to Vander Poel
  2. Objective Description: lights from the street lamps and the few stars visible above
  3. Subjective Description: small pools of light from each street lamp. The light coming from the lamps are an orange-like color that have a film around them.

Photo Observation #4 – Lonely



3. Lonely

4. On a dark night, a lone soul walks along a black and empty footpath.  The only light provided is a dull, white light emitted from the street lamps surrounding the dusky pathway. The lampposts do a poor job illuminating this vacant area, giving it an uninviting atmosphere. Silhouettes of trees and bushes rise along the walkway.  This wanderer strolls through a vast area of darkness alone, with nothing but his shadow beside him.

1st Light Observation Week 2

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 02/09/11 6:30pm NAB Second Floor

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Street Lamp flickering to the left of the front of the NAB

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: As I walked out for a break, my eye was instantly drawn to right. The street lamp, which already had two bulbs out was flickering with it’s last glimpse of life. The soft strobe like effect looming over the crooked, barren branch’s of the tree directly underneath it gave an appearance of a hand crawling to the sky despratly for a chance.

Lighting Observation 1 week 2

Where: Saturday, February 5th, evening, approximately 7pm, walking north towards the high-risers.

Objective Description: I see a line of street lamps in the distance by the intramural fields. There is much fog.

Subjective Description: Everything seems muted. The light sources are distinct and intense, but around them there are halos that seem to melt into the sky. The line of lights disappears into the foggy night – it invites the supposition that it is perpetual. Each source of light is individual, but part of a single form that stretches out of sight. The structures of the lamp-posts are not visible in the fog, and therefore, the lamps with their halos seem to float unsupported in the sky – as if held aloft by magic, or as though they were large stars low over earth.

“Cold” Photo Post

This photo is taken from the website of a professional photographer.

How does it fit with the “Cold” theme?

Well, I saw a lot of photos that were of snow – snow – and more snow, maybe some ice, a lot of white. I wanted to find something wherein the lighting felt cold, and actually had little to do with the physical content of the photo. I thought about street lamps at night. There’s a part in a song by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel that goes “Neath the hallow a street lamp, I turn my collar to the cold and damp.” I guest that line worked as a sort of inspiration – partly because I myself have lived the moment that image describes several times. What is it about a street lamp at night that makes people think of the cold? Well, night tends to get cold. People at night tend to gravitate towards street lamps. There’s something about the image – people and the pool of light are the only two things that are warm in that situation – they’re surrounded by the cold.