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Light Observation

Time: Tuesday night, 11:50 pm

Objective Description: As I looked out my window at night, everything appeared to be black and yellow, except one room in a building across the parking lot.

Subjective Description: I was getting ready to go to bed, and had turned off the lights in my room but hadn’t yet closed the shades. In the dark, I was able to easily observe what was going outside my window. Spots of yellow lights were visible from the lamps lighting the pathways and the few cars driving by. Several of the rooms in the other towers were dark, but some still had their shades open to reveal squares of more of the same yellow light. I could easily see the landscape below, but instead of the usual colors, everything appeared to be somewhere between artificial yellow and complete darkness.

There was one exception to the monotone scene below and it caught my eye immediately. Across the parking lot, in the Bill of Rights building, someone else’s room was glowing with some kind of novelty light that cycled through the rainbow. This one tiny square of light was captivating against the plain yellow and black backdrop.

Photo Observation



Photo credit: Me!

Theme: Sunrise / sunset

Description: This is a picture that I took from the 13th floor of Estabrook Hall as the sun was setting. Man, Hofstra has some impressive sunsets. I’m not used to seeing really good sunsets like this because I live in a heavily forested area, so the trees usually obscure any cool views like this one. I looked out the window one evening to see this and was simply amazed. I love how the color of the clouds fade from yellow to stormy blue, not to mention how intense and concentrated the colors are. Beautiful sunsets such as this are magical because they make an ordinary place look extraordinary.