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Lighting Ob #5

  1. 2/24/16, 4:14pm, Netherlands North Patio Core
  2. Objective: The lighting is very cloudy and dark. There is no sunlight out.
  3. Subjective: The lighting feels very sad and gloomy. The wind is slightly blowing adding to the feel of a melancholy evening. The clouds are frequent and a very light gray.

Imagine Dragons Concert – Tia


Photo Cred: Me

Theme: Fun

Description: This is a picture I took at an Imagine Dragons concert. This was the finale of the show and there were many lights flashing all over the place in many different colors. There were also these giant colorful balloons being passed around the stadium. I chose this picture because when I think of fun I think of lots of color and of a lot of things going on  and this picture encompasses all of that.

Photo Observation 5


Photo Credit:

Theme: fun

Description: This photo immediately made me think of “fun” because of all the bright colors. The lights reflecting off of the water is really what stood out to me because the shapes of the light are accentuated and seem brighter than the actual lights. Also the contrast between the glowing, colorful shore and the dull, grey city buildings emphasizes the fun atmosphere of the water’s edge. When I think of fun, I think of parties. This photo looks like a lively celebration while the rest of the city looks boring and depressing. Also the rays of light coming from behind the trees looks like something amazing is about to happen and like it is calling everyone else to come and join the fun.

Lighting Observation 2/26

Date: 2/23

Time: 7:53 pm

Location: Outside of Constitution Hall

Objective Description: It had already been a dark day, however, it was completely dark by now but a sparkle from the ground could still be seen. The lamp posts lighting the pathway towards the tower dorms created a reflection on the ground yellow with warmth in an otherwise cold and dark day.

Subjective Descripton: Dark, looming clouds ever present throughout the day had finally overcome the night. A desolate cold nothingness filled the void that was the day. A light at the end of the tunnel, a twinkle sparked across the cold, wet pavement denied of any warmth. But where life seemed void, light recessitated the night. It was that sparkle of brightness that paved the way towards a dry and safe shelter.

Photo Observation: Fun


I took this photo at the Old Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Theme: Fun

Description: Lights beaming from every direction, this luminous strip brings life to an entirely new spectrum. Reds, oranges, yellows, purples, blues and greens all combine to form a technicolor dream of displays. The bright colors and fluid projections send an uncontrollable wave of excitement and curiosity through the thick, warm air. Only the colorful blasts, however, can penetrate the dry heat from a boiling day. Stimulating colors brighten the night sky and awaken any tired eyes that remain.

Photo Observation #5: FUN! in the Sun, a childhood playground


I took this photo last spring break in Washington D.C.

The theme is fun; this photo fits this theme, not because sun rhymes with fun, but because sunshine has many positive associations with it.

The sun beats down on the land illuminating everything and making shadows small and scarce. It is the big white, hot monster come to scare away the night. The vibrant colors of the world dance in this mass illumination; all the details of objects that in the dark or gloom would not be seen invite the eyes to come and play with them. “Frolic, skip, dance from one place to the next,” they shout. “Marvel, embrace this warm light, and bathe in it,” the light beckons the eyes. The brightness and apparent whiteness of the light glimmers off of the surfaces it touches causing parts of them to appear as white as a pearl. It is a treasured light; it is playful fun. Children at school who look out the window will crave to feel its rays. Some working people will want to throw off their hats and run out into it. If they do, then they might cartwheel with joy and excitement as the light sparkles around them. “The light! The light!” In winter when such light is scarce, are not some people depressed? Do they not feel bored and incapable of happiness? Thus, when the sun returns, the fun also returns. The sunlight, the light source that first gave us the ability to delight in what we see and that gives the eyes so much to play with, is a fun light.

Lighting Observation #5: Sand on the walls of Breslin

22 Feb. 2016 – 1:19pm – 2nd story Breslin Hall

The sun shines through a dirty window and also appears to reflect off of the bricks on the exterior of the building some. This shines a textured and patterned light on the interior wall and some grey doors of Breslin Hall. On the slightly peach-colored, off-white wall, the light looks cream, and, on the grey doors, the light looks light greenish with some blue in it.

The lighting is rough and intriguing. It displays a gobo-like pattern on an ordinary surrounding; thus, making the setting endowed with a theatrical magic. No longer are the objects just a wall and some doors; they are gritty like sand and mysterious like ocean waves with splashes of whitish foam and deeper colors. The lighting harkens to the beach with its reflected greenish and cream colors. The wall and doors are foreign objects in a bland classroom building setting with this lighting softly expanding across it. A breath filled with the smell of the ocean and dampness of water can be felt and imagined through this lighting. The lighting is transporting, alluring to the eye, and soothing with its gentle contrast between the light and shapes created by its false gobo.