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Lighting Observation

March 1st, 10pm on the train heading out of the city.

Objective: There are three main layers of lighting here. There is the warm light inside the train, the dark night lit up by tall buildings, and the reflection in the window.

Subjective: The moment was quiet. We had run half way down town to make our show, and then taken a few wrong turns getting back to Penn. It was the moment right after we burst through the tunnel out of Penn. The city slowly receding, building are lit up so brightly, even more so it seems after being in the tunnels under Penn. He is asleep on my shoulder. This quiet moment is suspended in air, projected on to the city through the window.

Photo Observation 3

  1. Flickr, Meir Jacob –
  2. Nightlife
  3. I specifically remember the night life in Tel Aviv when I was there this summer. People often think of Israel as very old-fashioned and religious, but Tel Aviv is completely different. I chose this picture in particular because the city looks a lot like modern American cities at night, and it kind of reminds me of New York. It shows that Tel Aviv has a bustling nightlife and contrasts the ideas that many people have in their minds of what Israel is like.

Cold Atmosphere Against the Concrete

Source: Anton Jhonsen Photography, August 6, 2012 (

Theme: Cold

Description: A model is set against a concrete wall, lit by tungsten. The wall is splattered with stains and dabbles of paint, with a thick, sloppy line of blue atop the model’s head. Above the line is a spot of light condensed down. It gives an overcast over the model, illuminating the harsh paleness of her skin and white dress. On the far right, a studio and workbench are peaking behind the concrete wall.

To me, this photo spotlights the beautiful illusion that urban life sells to the populace. You may see the beauty of the city in its shining buildings, represented as the model sitting down. However, as seen behind the model, the city can be cracked, dirty place. That wall is the reality of what most cities attempt to hide with their models/skyscrapers. However, as you live in the city, you cannot escape the dirt and grime.

Lighting Observation 2: Radio City

Date: 1/31/16

Time: 6:12 pm

Location: Radio City Music Hall

Objective Description: Driving into the city, various lights can be seen through the car window. Headlights, taillights, street lamps, traffic lights, bicycle lights, marquee lights, billboard lights, and store display lights all seem to flood any and every section of the city. However, once we approached Radio City Music Hall, the bright glow of the Christmas lights covering the trees next to the magnificently lit water fountain held my attention. We first passed by the same exact type of tree covered in red which gave me a really uneasy feeling. Then, however, we reached the the section of trees with the traditional white lights and the effect was more calming. The source of light was simply the Christmas stringlights and the lit water fountain.


Subjective: The massive concrete buildings reaching into the dark nigh sky glowed warm with an inviting white tint. The soft beams bouncing off of the pavement revealed a welcoming glimmer from the amiable stings of white lights hugging the trunks and branches of each proud tree. A collection of trees dressed eloquently as if a masquerade was to prompt each tree to dance. Extreme joy and excitement filled the air as the glamorous glow from each individual adorned with the sparkling strings of light gently greeted each guest. Flashes could be seen by spectators anxious to take pictures with the famous trees. A pool of light blue, shimmering water danced triumphantly as fountains of white light  and foaming blues took center-stage, adjacent to its charismatic friends. The party of the century.

Photo Observation 2 (nightlife)


Theme: nightlife

Description: I picked this picture because it shows the dark ambiance of the night sky contrasted by the pulsating bright lights of the city and traffic.  Even though there are many sources of light and overall the picture is bright, you can tell the surrounding area is dark and all the light is artificial. I also like the reflection light on the road from the cars, the glow surrounding the buildings and the many shadows the fill the picture.


Photo Observation

Captura de pantalla 2015-02-02 a la(s) 12.29.25


This is a photograph from Nicholas Jandrain’s photo series Shanghai.

The photo corresponds to the theme Night Life.

This street has gone to bed early. The stores are shuttered up and all their patrons and owners have left for the day. Nocturnal streetlights and insomniac store security lights dimly light the alleyway. In the background, apartments and office windows flood the sky with light like pixelated stars. The sky soaks up the light pollution like water soaking up a wash of pigment. One figure stands alone in the light coming from a shop, the only one left awake.

Photo Observation #4




This photo gives me a weird empty feeling in my stomach, the way only a lonely photo could. The lighting in one corner from the rising sun offers promise of a beautiful day, but the thing about the photo that really sticks out is the dim, foggy bridge on the left hand side. Though it seems at first look that there could be a lovely day ahead, the sole person walking along the bridge in the mist probably can’t even see it. The city around him is steely cold, and the vastness that stretches out from his feet give the feeling of immense solitude.


Photo Observation #3




2.  Theme: Nightlife

3.  The lighting in this photo accurately portrays “nightlife” in a variety of different ways. The neon street signs in a huge array of colors are a huge point. They show off the city’s street and advertise the life within the city. The brightness of the signs and buildings juxtaposed to the black sky create a contrast that emphasizes the colors and shapes. The signs and light all try to sell you to the exuberant life within that city.

Photo Observation #1 – Sunrise Over The City

1. Sunrise-New-York


3. Sunrise/Sunset

4. As the sun rises at dawn, urban-dwellers wake up early to get where they need to be. As they are on their way, they are greeted with the soothing vibrancy of the sunrise over the city. The warm reds, oranges and yellows shine down on them, giving solace to people about to have a busy day of work. The warm colors give a comforting aura. The sky around the sun glimmers with a faint but breath-taking glow from the sun. The gleaming rays brightens the day of the weary workers.

Photo Observation Week #5: Night Life


2) This photo was taken by flickr user Cilest on November 27th, 2004.


3) Theme: Night Life


4) At first, it seemed that a picture of night life should represent the partying that happens at night- bright lights, colors, and lots of motion. To me, this is a more everyday night life. The city is always alive at night, but not every day is the day you go out to party with friends. The lights in this picture show the feeling of being alive and awake late at night, on a typical day. The way the light disperses off the sign on the building makes the light feel more subdued. It is sleepy and not overly energetic, but it is still alive and shining. This feeling continues into the way the lights are reflected in the rainy street. Night life, every day night life, is tired, but still bright, and there is something so comforting but exciting about that.