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Single Light From a Light Post Through Snow

  1. Location: Hofstra Parking Lot behind Hofstra USA, March 13, 2017 at 12:01 a.m.
  2. Objective: The light post is gleaming through the snow on top of me. There is nothing around me but a light flurry of snow. Only myself and the yellow-white light above is shown.
  3. Subjective: This light shows how isolating a snow storm can be at a university. Usually, when class is cancelled because of a storm, I have stay inside in order to keep out the cold. However, I usually will get tired of my isolation and venture out into the tundra. I believe that this light shows the possibility that there is something out there besides ice and snow.

The Bathroom and Solace of Animalism

  1. Location: Lawrence T. Hubert School of Comm men’s bathroom, February 7, 2017 at 2:40 pm.
  2. Objective: Tungsten lights are glaring down against white walls, coventry grey stands, and smooth plaster toilets. They reflect against a mirror attop of a similar white sink.
  3. Subjective: When thinking about the bathroom, I always think about Stanley Kubrick and his usage of lavatories. When in the bathroom, we are usually at our most vulnerable, as “Kubrick’s work is primarily concerned with the havoc, comedy, terror, and chaos unleashed by the animals in human heads” (Westerman). The bathroom allows Kubrick to display the animalistic nature that coincides or conflicts with the modern era.

As the light is reverberates through the bathroom, their can almost be a tense isolation felt below the glaring tungsten. However, there is also a peace of being alone in the bathroom, where there are no other types of distracting lights. These two ideas conflict with the ideas of dignified civility against a need for animalistic rebellion.


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Photo Observation #2

2. Taken from my window

3. Cold

4. This makes me think of cold because of the fact that there is really nothing to be seen except white. Everything is covered in white. Besides that being the color of snow, that’s a color I associate with isolation and being alone which to me also brings about a feeling of coldness. I like that you really can’t see anything distinctive about where this photo is except for the cars that sprinkle a few dull colors about the photo. You can’t see buildings in the distance, just trees and snow. Something to me that furthers this feeling is also the watery ice marks in the corner of the photo which furthers the idea of isolation, with being on the outside looking in so to speak. The photo is just very dark and dull which brings out a feeling of coldness and I really like that.