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Photo Observation 9

1. Rainy Kiss


3. Romantic

4. For me, the “kiss in the rain” is the most quintessential romantic image. No matter how many times it is used, I always find it somehow magical. I love the way the lighting gets hazy in the rain, and the two people start to blur together, and their heads are the only thing you can clearly define.

Photo Observation: Romantic

festive dinner table


3) Romantic

4) A romantic feeling is defined differently for every person. The specifics can be immensely contrasting but it all relates. Everyone knows what it’s like to be in love, have a romantic relationship, or just simply butterflies in your stomach. The warm feeling of being close to someone is really captured in this light. I love that you can’t see the flame of the candle, but you can practically feel the soft and warm light glowing off it. It feels like a sunrise: sharing it with someone you care about.

Photo Observation #9



 Romantic Lighting (2013)

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3) Theme: Romantic

4) When I saw this photo, I felt it fit the theme of romantic perfectly. The atmosphere in the room is calming and relaxing. Candles are what provides all of the lighting in this room. The rose pedals, champagne bottles and other items signify romance. I like the way the candles on the right hand side of the photo bring out the most light. You can see the reflection of the candle on the white wall of the room. Also, there are many shadows on the wall where the candles are not placed. You can see the different shades of lighting on the wall.

Photo Observation Week #9: Romantic



2) This photo was taken by flickr user miki** on April 4, 2010.

3) Theme: Romantic

4) It’s hard to think about the theme of romance and think about lighting instead of the subject material. There are so many ways to symbolize romance in our society, from hearts, to people kissing, even to the color red. Romance is exaggerated and yet in some ways trivialized. Romance is this big, passionate, fighting battle, it’s red and it’s loud and it’s shaped like a big heart. I think that romance in reality has this passion and fighting, but a lot of what romance is is truth and comfortability and allowing someone to be close to you. I think the lighting in this picture is exactly that. It does not distort the subject material. It shows the darkness and lightness of what is most important.

Photo Observation 10

1. Found both images at

2. Romantic, also Vibrant, Saturated

3. I couldn’t decide between these two incredible and beautiful sunset images. Both have these incredible pink and purples that I was very drawn to because they almost don’t feel real! I mean, they don’t look unnatural, yet the color is so delicate it seems like a watercolor. Add to that the silhouetted  stones and the lavender reflection on the beach and it’s really, really romantic. The second images is also very romantic, I’m drawn to the brilliant reds reflecting on the water’s surface. It’s really incredible in both of these instances to see not only the stunning color of the light in the sky, but how that colored light reflects off other surfaces, namely the water and the sand in the first images.