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Light Observation

Time: 5:45 on Wednesday evening

Objective Description: The sun was setting over Manhattan, and the skyscrapers made tall silhouettes that contrasted sharply with the pretty pastel sky.

Subjective Description: I feel lacking in creativity because this isn’t the first time that I’ve written at a sunset, but it was so beautiful, I couldn’t resist. Besides, sunsets are like snowflakes – every one is unique. I have never actually seen a proper New York City sunset, so when I finally had the privilege Wednesday night, I was amazed. I imagine that it is hard to see when you are actually inside the city due to the sheer amount of tall buildings, but I was able to witness a perfect sunset on the train into the city.

I looked out the train window to see one of the most breathtaking sunsets I’ve ever seen. The sky was painted in pastel colors, a soft blue fading into pink and orange. The tall buildings of Manhattan rose up in front of it, silhouetted in front of the glorious sunset. My friend remarked that it looked like a computer wallpaper. I agreed. Sunsets change so quickly, within a matter of minutes, or seconds, even, but that moment was picture-perfect and I felt thankful for having been able to witness it at the best time possible.

Photo Observation #4: Hot as Oranges in Florida


I found this image online. It can be found at

The lighting theme is hot.

Orange, red, and yellow may be cooler in terms of degrees Kelvin but they are associated with warm things like the sun and fire. The big bright hues of the sky reflect the excessive warmth of the lighting. The sky is on fire, red hot. The golden ball of gaseous matter shines like the largest gem and greatest treasure in the sky and makes the sky its hue. It is yellow and white with a hint of orange like a match flame glowing bright to light a candle. It is thus a mass producer of heat parching the landscape like how a used match is charred. It silhouettes and gives a highlight of red to the things beneath it like what a dreamer might imagine the Martian landscape to look like. This red makes the world seem hot like a laser beam has been pointed at everything. The distribution is wide engulfing the entire sky and majority of the landscape in the warm colors and causing the silhouetting to occur. The light source glows with warmth, and the lighting is as hot as a bright red pepper tastes as a consequence.

Photo Observation – Shadow #7



3. Shadow

4. The sun is shining down on a couple that casts long shadows on to the sandy shore. The contrast of the dark silhouettes pops against the pale blue ocean. The light sand brings out the shadows giving them a deep focus. The two young people are shrouded in darkness. Despite the lack of detail, the characteristics of color and their surroundings make it apparent of their love for each other.

Photo Observation #4 – Lonely



3. Lonely

4. On a dark night, a lone soul walks along a black and empty footpath.  The only light provided is a dull, white light emitted from the street lamps surrounding the dusky pathway. The lampposts do a poor job illuminating this vacant area, giving it an uninviting atmosphere. Silhouettes of trees and bushes rise along the walkway.  This wanderer strolls through a vast area of darkness alone, with nothing but his shadow beside him.