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Theme: Gentle

Description: This photo gives off a gentle feel because of the serenity that I get from it. The sunlight is warm and calm like that of a sunset over the lake. It also has a nice reflection off the water that reminds me of summer nights spent with friends and family. Also, the feather itself is a gentle object and it aids the message of the photo by floating on top of the water.

Lighting Ob #7

  1. 3/1//12016, 7:59am. My room
  2. Objective:Sunlight spilling through the blinds in my room
  3. Subjective: Each section of sunlight spills through the holes in the blinds creating the overall feeling of morning. It creates the picture that almost all of us associate with getting up but for some reason it appears to be beautiful instead of dreadful

Light Observation

Time: Some morning a couple days ago, probably around 11 am

Objective Description: Sunlight hit my jar of liquid marbles, illuminating them and scattering purple light nearby.

Subjective Description: I woke up one morning because it was so bright in my room, even with the blinds closed, that I couldn’t possibly sleep any longer. It was annoying because I wasn’t necessarily ready to get up, but the sight I saw on my windowsill made up for it.

I have a glass jar of purple liquid marbles (those tiny beads that you soak in water and they get bigger; primarily used as a substitute for soil for plants, does anyone actually know what I’m talking about? I’d really appreciate if you at least humored me and pretend you do) sitting on my windowsill. They are clear enough to allow light to pass through, and I happened to notice that the sunlight escaping through the blinds was hitting them in such a way that tiny specks of purple light were thrown all over my windowsill. The marbles were illuminated right down to the bottom of the jar and looked so sparkly and bright. There is nothing like light hitting a translucent surface. I tried to replicate it so I could take a picture, but it seems that the magic of that moment is something that could only be produced organically, which made it even more special.

Max Cerci – Light Observation

1) 2/26/14 After the Symposium in the Playhouse Lobby.

2) The afternoon sun in the courtyard.

3) Walking out of the Playhouse theater and into the lobby a bunch of my friends and I didn’t waste time putting our jackets on as I began to say “It looks beautiful outside!” The second we opened the door a huge gust of freezing cold win hit with ferocity. Several different people began complaining “The light made it look so nice and warm outside!!” I found it interesting how the warmth of the sunlight in the courtyard and reflecting off the pavement immediately convinced us that it was springlike conditions outside even though we had all just been outside about 45 min. ago. This made me think about how easily light can fool our mind with the different psychological effects it has.


Lighting Observation #9

1) April 2, 2013, 2:30pm, Roosevelt Field Mall

2) The light from the sun was reflecting off the car’s windshield. There was not a cloud in the sky and you all you could see was the sun shining right out of the sky. You could see the ray’s of light all around the bright light that shined on the glass. The outer rim of the bright light was a light yellow and in the middle was white.

3) Seeing this light as bright as it was, was very interesting to me. It added a warm feeling to the afternoon. When I saw that light, I felt happy and started to think of positive things happening for me in the month to come. All of my worries went away. When I saw the bright light on the window, I immediately then, glanced up at the sky around to see this nice weather we were having.

Lighting Observation #7

1) 11:15am, March 9, 2013, Driving past Broadway Mall in Hicksville

2) As I was driving to the train station, I noticed a huge glare of light from the sun on top of the railroad tracks. The light was shining brightly which made part of the train station brighter and more noticeable.

3) When I was driving to the train station, the closer I got, the more noticeable the light was. When I saw the glare from the sun, I felt a feeling of confidence because I was heading to work. I did not feel tired and felt more aware and upbeat after seeing this light. I also noticed how the light shined on top of some cars and you could almost see for a split second, the ray of light shining from the sun to the cars.

Lighting Observation #6

1) 12:45pm, March 6, 2013, Outside of Student Center Parking Lot

2) It was a cloudy day, but during this time, I saw the sun come out and you could see the clouds passing by in the sky. The sun was in the middle of the sky where I was standing.

3) The sun unexpectedly came out on this cloudy day. It was a surprise to me because I knew the weather for the day was not going to be good and normally when it snows, the sky is a dark grey and cloudy. Seeing the bright yellow, sun put a new spin to the weather that day and brought a positive few minutes to the weather.

Light Observation #4

1) February 21, 2013, 5:15pm, Roosevelt Field Mall; Garden City

2)  I am driving towards the mall going straight, the sun is so bright and shining right at me.

3) As I was driving to make a right turn, the sun was glaring straight at me and I felt the warmth of the sun on this cold and windy day. This light was an inconvenience because I could not see where I was going and it was so much light that the drivers had to be careful not to hit each other and cause an accident. I have not done this in a long time. Even though the sun was extremely bright, the sky had a different purple/blue color to it. Also, this light showed a lot of shadows in front of the road when you drive. Every movement that happens, you can see the shadow move on the ground.


Light Observation #4

  1. 7:30 AM, February 19th, 2013 Netherlands Hague 314 A
  2. A single light source from the sun is shining through my window blinds which are partially closed.
  3. I woke up to the warm, bright light shining through my window. Long radiant rays of gold light shone through each blind straight like that of meticulous lines on the page of a notebook. There was no class that day. I enjoyed not being awoken by the harsh screams of my alarm clock but rather, the gentle kiss from the sun’s rays as they slowly seeped through my window like syrup that gently encompasses a warm, risen pancake. The warmth from the welcoming light gently woke me and it was not harsh nor rushed; It was sweet and beautiful. The light filled the room like the energy that fervently started to run through my veins preparing me for the remainder of the day. The amber orange and yellow light truly shined exuberantly and set a joyful mood for the rest of the impending day.

Light Observation

I was sitting in the student center on Sunday, getting dinner with one of my friends.

There was light angling down from one of the high up windows that hit her accross the face, illuminating it in warm tones.

The way the light hit my friends face caught in her eye making her hazel irises shine brightly. Yet something caught me off-gaurd. Her iris was striped. Not like, my-irises-are-more-than-one-color striped, but like really-bad-wallpaper striped. The effect was pretty, but a little disconcerting. Until I realized that the stripes were actually the shadows of her eyelashes being cast across her face. I thought it was really cool because its really rare for people’s eyelashes to show up like that and for light to hit them in a way that casts a shadow, especially one with such clearly defined edges.