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Photo Observation

  1. Title of photo: “ Los Angeles January Sunrise”

From: Los Angeles, Sunrise to Sunset

Photography by: Dain Blair

  1. Theme: Sunrise/ Sunset
  2. This photo, although filled with “unnatural colors” shows some of the beauty of sunrises and sunsets in Los Angeles.  Filled with dark blues and purples, as well as the bright and majestic blues, oranges, yellows and reds, this photo shows some of the magic that comes from pollution.  I chose this picture because of how it exemplifies the beauty of sunsets and partially of Southern California that I don’t believe others outside of Los Angeles or Southern California see.  Part of the beauty of this photo is that it exemplifies and shows how clouds and color can be a dark, bad omen, as well as bring life and beauty.

Photo Observation #1

2) This was taken in my neighborhood during the summer of 2017.

3) Sunrise/Sunset

4) Normally, the sunsets from where I was from were mixes of blue, orange, and yellow. However, on this one random day the sky appeared to be the brightest, most bubblegum pink I had ever seen. It caused everything around me to appear to be a soft shade of pink as well. This moment created a feeling of pause, as if time had stopped just so everyone could see it.

Photo Observation #1

Title: “Sunrise in Bar Harbor, Maine on Mount Desert Island”

Photo Credits: Robert F. Bukaty

Location: Acadia National Park, Maine

Theme: Sunrise/Sunset

“The sun just breaks over the horizon in Bar Harbor, Maine on Mount Desert Island (MDI). This view is from the short causeway between Thompson Island (on the left) and Mount Desert Island (on the right). Thompson Island is within the municipality of Trenton, Maine but is also part of Acadia National Park.”  (x)

This photo stood out to me mainly because of its symmetrical nature. I am very much intrigued by the glassiness of the water and its ability to reflect not only the physical objects like the trees and the clouds but the vibrant negative spaces created by the sun’s light. Looking at this photo makes me feel as if I am about to take a deep breath of cold, refreshing, air. Even though I know the morning air in this picture would be quite cold, it is evident by the surface of the water that there is no wind. The rich red/orange tones of the sunlight add so much warmth to this photo and is enhanced by the dark almost blackness of the silhouetted trees. I would love to be on this beach with a hot cup of coffee and the companionship of someone I care about…it’s too beautiful not to share.

Photo Observation #1


Photo taken by Jim Burns

3. Theme: Sunrise/Sunset

4. This sunset causes a somewhat unsettling feeling that is not often shown in the usually beautiful pictures of the sun rising or setting. The purple/blue colors in the top clouds split the view of the sunset and the upright cloud with matching colors almost looks as if it is reaching out to the top. The scene is harshly intersected by yellow/orange gradient that allows this picture to showcase two vastly different colors caused by sunrises or sunsets. It also causes an eerie yet tranquil feeling to wash over me.

Photo Observation #1

  1. Photo taken by Eric Girouard in Ontario, Canada, 2013

  1. Sunrise/Sunset
  1. This photo of a sunrise over Niagara Falls captures the soothing yet powerful motion of the falls. The blue green water feels and looks frigid in comparison to the intense warmth radiating from the yellow and orange sun. The light in the picture makes it seem like the perfect most peaceful place to be would be floating in the cloud of white mist where the cool water droplets enclose your body but you can still feel the powerful warm glow of the sun.

A Streak in the Dark Sunset

  1. Time/Location: February 1, 2017, 5:20 pm at the Hofstra Fitness Center
  2. Objective: As the sun was almost down and becoming a black violet, a streak of Indian red could be seen brushing across the sky.
  3. Subjective: To me, this particular sunset represents the ending of a life. When I was looking at this sunset, I was thinking about my senior film I would be shooting involves themes of mortality and regret. The streak in the sky almost attempts to break through the night, wanting to continue living on. However, it is clear that night will come and blot out the leak that has appeared. In this sunset, this crack in the night represented the resistance to the end of February 1, 2017.


  1. Taken by me, August 15, 2016
  2. Sunrise/Sunset
  3. The sun had set over the lake and left a streak of bright yellows and oranges across the blue and purple sky. It was such a beautiful end to the day and i couldn’t believe how many colors were appearing and changing in front of me.

Beach Sunset

  1. I took this photo on January 4th, 2017 at 4:14 pm on Plum Island in Massachusetts.
  2. Sunrise/Sunset
  3. My friend who had recently moved to Indiana came to visit for a few days and she wanted to go to the beach after having been landlocked for so many months. The sunset was very peaceful and light. I had seen better, but this one felt very special and comforting. Light pink clouds took up half the sky and reflected on the surface of the cold water. It was freezing on the beach, but it is the only place we wanted to be.


1) This lighting moment was taken on August 5, 2016 at 8:36pm on a plane going to Louisiana.

2) The light is a sunset above the clouds. Theme sunrise/sunset.

3) Sunrise and sunsets gives me different feelings. In this picture I was on a plane and decided to capture the beautiful essence of the light. The sunset above the clouds looks different from viewing below the ground. The yellow light radiates with orange and brings me to my happy place. It makes me feel warm and calm, I feel like I’m on a tropical island relaxing and my worries disappear. The clouds reflect from the sun and bring out a light, soft, pink color. It may sound cliche but the clouds are like cotton candy because of how soft and delicate it looks from the view of the window.

Photo Observation

  1. I took this photo this past August at sunset while driving with my family to Coney Island.
  2. The theme is Sunrise/Sunset.
  3. Personally, when I think of both a sunrise and a sunset, I think of summertime.  The blend of the warm colors conjures up feelings of comfort and happiness; it is a very inviting and welcoming sensation seeing the sun rise or fall.  This picture radiates those same feelings for me – maybe it’s because I took the picture myself and I have a personal connection to it, but between the coloring, the way the rays were reflecting on the dashboard, and knowing our destination was Coney Island, a very summer-y place, this picture embodied everything a sunset means to me.