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1st lighting observation

1) March 22nd – 4:00 p.m – Suffolk Lounge, 3rd floor: I had my first lighting moment today when I was working out in the lounge this afternoon.

2) The light came from the sun and shined through the window and blinds and onto the linolium floor where my water bottle was placed. The reflection of the sun against the water bottle made the colors yellow, blue and purple refract onto the linolieum floor.

3) As I was exercising, I noticed that my water bottle was making the floor in front of me different colors. The sun shown in through the blinds on the third floor. It made one inch lines of sunshine on the floor and where my water bottle was placed the sun hit it perfectly and refracted different colors onto the floor. When I looked at the water bottle I saw the source of the light in the water bottle was a bright yellow light. Similar to a small sun then the colors blue, green and a slight purple shown through the water bottle and onto the drab floor. The beams of light weren’t that long but they were enough that you could see them and make out the individual colors. It was a rainbow of color in a usually drab, white, sterile room. It was really cool to witness and so ironically placed for it to happen the way it did.


Photo Observation Devin Gee

2) (I found this photo on google images and this is the website it originally came from)

3)  Power

4)  I picked this picture because when I think of power in terms of lighting I think of lightning.  Lightning produces a very powerful light,  not only is it bright but it is full of energy.  I think the light that lightning produces is one the brightest kinds of light and it is like no other light.  The light produced from lightning is powerful enough to light up the whole sky for that split second.  There is a mysterious component to the light that lightning makes.  I think it comes from the fact that there is so much potential and build up that it is a light that may be short but it is very intense for that split second.  It is impressive to think about the amount of light that lightning is really producing.  Thinking about theatre a very powerful image for storms is flashes of light to represent the lightning.  Even though it it may create a strobe effect usually to create an effect like that you would flash lights on and off from full power to zero.  These bright powerful flashes are what help represent the intense storm.

Light Observation Devin Gee

1)   3/22/11- about 1:30 am- walking between the student center and enterprise hall.

2)   The night was foggy and the street lamps were on.  They shined into the sky and lit up and area larger than normal.

3)   This moment was interesting because the fog allowed you to visually see the direction the light travels in.  Usually when you see a streetlight on a clear night for the most part all you see lit up is the ground and area underneath the light.  In this particular moment you could see the sky lit up above the street light and there was a sort of orb of light all around the street lamp.  This light was very spooky and was both white and yellow because of the different street lamps.  The light as it shined though the fog was very ominous and something you would expect to see in a haunted house during Halloween.  Though the yellow light was vaguely similar to an early sunrise, the spooky feel to it mostly overpowered that similarity.  This lighting seemed very dramatic to me just because we use this kind of lighting in theatre a lot and with the hazer like in War of the Roses it resembled the fog and everything perfectly.


Light Observation Devin Gee

1)   3/21/11- about 11pm- 10th floor of the library

2)   A fluorescent light shining down upon the brown carpet on the tenth floor of the library.

3)   This moment was interesting because the light that came from the fluorescent bulbs appeared white but made the carpet green.  The carpet is originally brown and everywhere where there isn’t light shining down it is easy to tell that the true color of the carpet is brown.  I think this lighting moment is significant because it was the first time I noticed light making some kind of material a different color.  I then immediately thought, what if the carpet were a costume?  It showed me that you have to be careful when choosing lights and costume fabrics because sometimes they wont mix well and your fabric will turn an ugly color you don’t want.  Lastly it made me think about fluorescent lighting and it led me to think that this is why we don’t use fluorescent lighting in theatre.  It also led me think that you could use this effect intentionally and through lighting make a costume or some thing look really terrible.