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Lighting Observation #3

1. 2/13/14, 5:24 pm, Lowe Hall front hallway

2. It was mostly dark.  With dim light coming through the windows of the front doors.  The only other source of light was the red glow from the exit signs.

3.  The lighting certainly gave me an uneasy feel.  This hallway is usually bright from fluorescent light but now it was dark with almost no light.  This hallway is usually inviting however, this lighting gave it a definite unwelcoming feel.  The red glow from the exit signs almost felt as a warning for all who enter.

Photo Observation #3


2.  Theme

3.  Description:  This photo shows the eccentric lighting of a night club.  The bottom portion of the photo shows the silhouettes of people and some of them are lit by the colored lights from about the shoulders up.  Above the people begins the colored lighting with reds, greens, orange and blue.  Some of the lights are directed at a disco ball that is hanging from the ceiling.  The light hitting the disco ball is reflecting and spreading throughout the room.  The combination of the eccentric lights above and the dark silhouettes below creates a lively darkness that can surely be described as “nightlife”.

Photo Observation #3

nightlife (1)


3) THEME:Nightlife

4) DESCRIPTION: Watching from the side of the club, I watched as the lights danced on the faces of the other guests. The floor was washed with a harsh red, looking almost like fire against the club’s deck. A single blue light flashed around the club, like a searchlight looking for a lost criminal. It was flanked with two smaller lights, like eyes penetrating the red. Green lasers shot around the room, piercing the light with a sharp beam. They gave an almost surreal feel to the club, like the bottom on a spaceship, landing on Earth. 



Photo Observation – Max Cerci

Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 8.15.25 PM

2) Taken by me at Madison Square Garden

3) Nightlife

4) This photo epitomizes the nightlife theme. The lights hitting the stage illuminate the singer (Ed Sheeran) in mid performance, clearly high in energy, with a warm, intense feel. The crowd, is illuminated with a cold blue and a spotted (gobo?) texture giving a feeling of a bunch of little things (people) making up a whole, bigger entity (crowd). Lastly, I though the white rays of light at the top of the stage protruding out into the audience was symbolic of the energy and music being thrown out into the crowd.

Lighting Observation #3

1. February 13 2014 at around 5:30. This was in the den of my house on top of an end table.

2. This light was a little flame from a candle. It emitted a large glow around itself that shone on the wall.

3. As I walked into my dark den, a tiny spark emitted a beautiful, warm glow. The flame danced with grace as it lit the blackened room with relaxing shades of red and orange. Our wall was illuminated with bright waves of yellow as the light around the candle swayed around the room. In contrast to the dark, gloomy night, the candle created a calming and serene atmosphere. Although small, this flame evoked an enormous glow that made a huge difference.

Photo Observation #3

1. The Pinnacle List


3. Night Life

4. Nothing depicts “Night Life” quite like Time Square. Imagine all of the bustling city-goers, walking on the sidewalk with the multi-colored neon billboards shining on their faces. The welcoming glow of Broadway marquees flash as theatrical spotlights beam towards the sky. Bright yellow taxi headlights zoom up and down the avenue as pedestrians wave them down. Glittering skyscrapers contrast with the black night sky. Ironically, Time Square at night is when this city shines it brightest.

Light observation #3

1. Saturday, 7:32pm outside the mall

2. The light of the restaurant on the sidewalk

3. The low yellow light from the lamp outside the restaurant creeps in the empty parking lot. The scene is very reminiscent from a film noir type of situation as the lighting creates very sinister shadows on the sidewalk.

Photo Observation #3



3. Nightlife

4. Nightlife implies movement, color, intensity and this picture incorporates it all. The blurry movement lines are what really creates the mood of a lively night in the city. The lighting of the buildings in the back really illuminate the purple sky creating an orange halo around the city.


Photo Observation #3



3. Nightlife

4. The hint of light in the far background of the dense woods is like a glimmer of false hope. The small light in the night gives just enough of a glow to get the feeling of the surroundings, and to realize that there’s almost no way you can get out of this predicament. The small glow highlights the thickness of the trees and gives them a foreboding and dangerous feel. All the light is doing here is giving you hope, but quickly taking it away and replacing it with fear. This kind of lighting embodies the feeling of nighttime, because even though it may look peaceful at first glance, further evaluation lets you sense the danger of not truly knowing your surroundings. Night brings with it this oppressive nature of the dark, essentially robbing you of one of your most primal senses. These woods with the light slowly trying to filter its way through the thick branches illustrate the double standard of the night.

Light Observation #3

1. Tuesday, February 11, 6:45pm, in my room.

2. I was sitting on my computer with the lights off, doing homework, and the setting sun reflected on my screen through the window.

3. I was simply typing up a paper for another class, when I noticed a strange orange reflection on the lower left part of my screen. Distracted, I really looked at it, and the deeper I seemed to stare into the color, the more I was transfixed. The natural deep orange of the pure circle of the setting sun was made to glow almost unsettlingly unnatural as it was on the screen of my computer. It was a mesmerizing spell that broke when I turned my head to look at it straight on out the window. Even though it was more peaceful outside, the lock it had on my mind was no longer there.