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Photo Observation #11

1. colorspotlights


3. Amusement.

4. Theatre has always been amusing to me. The one element in theatre that always makes me think is the lighting design. Why is the designer doing this? That’s the question I ask regarding this picture. Why would four sharply lit spotlights be lit and positioned this way? Regardless of the reason, it is wonderful to look at. The sharply lit red overlaps the piercing orange and the radiant green. Completing the design is the faint blue, overlapping the orange and green. The small overlapped parts create four odd white colors that lay in between the shining colors aside them leaving this ascetically pleasing display of lights. This set-up of lights isn’t normally used but it make you wonder why it would be. Despite it’s abnormality, it is still a wonder to look at.


Lighting Observation #9

1. March 31st 2014, at around 8 on my block.

2. The lampposts on my block. One in particular: A flickering light post. They had an orange and yellow glow around a dark area.

3. On Old Post Drive, you can walk down the block in a beautifully illuminated area. Each step you take is lit up by towering light posts that cast pale shades of orange. They leave very faint circles of light on the floor so late night joggers can see in the dark night sky. One area of my block wasn’t bright as the rest of it. A flickering lamppost kept casting rays of light that lasted for seconds. When the light was on, the sidewalk was lit to perfection with faint glows of orange. When the lamppost was off, part of the block was lost in darkness.

Lighting Observation #2

1. February 6th, 2014 6:13 PM, Yoga Studio-Hofstra Fitness Center

2. OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The light of a single bulb in an ornamented lamp against the background of a darkened room.

3. SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: In the already darkened Yoga Studio, there stood a single lamp, decorated with white paper and ornamented iron. The light from the bulb struggled to stretch past the thick walls of the paper, resulting in a faint light exuding from all sides. Against the back wall, the ornamented iron created a shadow on the faint light exuding from the light. In the dim light of the studio, the single bulb created a warm feeling, like a beacon reaching out of the darkness that surrounded us all.