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Light Observation

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: Feb 2nd, 7:30pm, Intramural fields through Constitution Window

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The lights are on on the fields and can be seen through the holes made between the dorm buildings.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: As I stare out the window looking at nothing in particular I look to the fields and notice the light makes the dew on the grass glisten. A very bright moment in a cloud of darkness that surrounds the fields. Its a light in the dark. I feel myself relaxing as I just breathe and take in the serenity of it all.

Photo Observation #8

1. Stage Lighting II


3. Desire.

4. It’s no secret that almost everyone’s desire is to be on the big stage. The bright, white lights that surround the enthusiastic singer from ten different angles around him. These lights make him the center of attention. Four blue spotlights hang from the very top of stage, beaming down on the stage, giving it a serene and “cool” feel. All the lights on stage illuminate the action on stage and light up the darkness that surrounds the wild audience. The lighting on the singers and the stage indicates that it is their time to shine.

5. Capture

Lighting Observation 7 B

1.) 3/14/11- 12:40 ish – NAB Dressing Room

2.) Natural light coming in from the window of the dressing room after make up class

3.) I was the last person to leave class and so had to turn off all the mirror lights, and it was really interesting because after I did so, the natural light that had been filling the room unnoticed looked so calm and peaceful. It was a huge distinction, a transition from the bright mirror lights that accompanied the boisterous class to a more subdued and serene light in the now empty space.