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Light Observation

  1. 4/11/17, 9:30 pm, outside of CV Star.
  2. I was outside and it was dark but I noticed there was a big bright white light, it was the moon.
  3. I just got out of class and I was walking when I noticed a shinning light reflecting off of my phone screen and when I looked back there was the moon. It may sound simple and cliche but it was beautiful. Usually I think of the sun shinning bright in the sky especially when it’s nice weather. The moon caught my eye mostly because it was a full moon. Sometimes when there is a full moon it’s yellow and has more of a darker tone. It illuminated my surroundings. I love the color white and in my eyes the moon was shinning big, bright, and white.

Photo Observation


  1. I choose this picture from my phone and it was taken when me and my little sister were at the beach in Rye Playland around August.
  2. Summer
  3. When I think of summer I absolutely think of the beach, mostly because it is my favorite place. Besides the fact I love the beach I choose this picture for other reasons. You can see where the sun is coming from on the right side of the picture because how bright my face is and how much darker my sister’s body is because she is turned away from the light. I can tell the time this photo was taken because of the direction of the sun. When the sun was on the left it was morning and as the day got later it shifted to the right. Considering the sun is on the right side it was most likely late afternoon around 3 or 4. I also love on the the sun makes a reflection os me and my sister in the wet sand. This photo also reminds me of when I would sit by the shore line and admire the rocks and when the sun shine hit the rocks it would shine brightly like crystals. The shinning rocks would be my favorite lighting moment in the summer.

Light Observation

  1. In the Bronx, sitting in the car Wednesday 3/15/17 at 1:30 am.
  2. Bits and pieces of ices scattered all over the window in a nicely form. The street light was hitting directly at it and it made the ice glow like stars.
  3. I was on my way to Hofstra really early in the morning after the snow storm had passed. My dad was breaking the ice from the windshield and scrapping it off. On my side of the window I noticed just little pieces of ice all over. The street light was beaming right on it making the ice stand out. It actually looked like an ombre because some pieces were glowing and some were did not get hit by the light. When I was analyzing the ice it didn’t even look like ice to me. The ice looked like sparkles and it reminded me of prom dresses that I was looking at a while back with sparkles shining all over in a pattern. It was actually really pretty I took pictures of this lighting moment.

Photo Observation

2) Eduardo Seastress

3) Happy

4) Happy is vibrancy and excitement.  The way the light shines through the umbrellas and illuminates them is dazzling and almost overwhelming in it’s intense colors.  All the energy conveyed through the bright colors alongside the mesmerizing pattern of circles is incredibly joyful.  The umbrellas shine like dazzling suns from different universes.

2) This photo was found at…/how-can-i-create-a-shader-that-will-reproduce-this-lighting-effect-on-terrain by Josh Petrie on December 20, 2013.

3) Theme: cold

4) I find this picture fascinating by how the light reflects on the ice. Winter for me is like cold, icy glass that surrounds me especially when it snows. This photo reminds me of a glass mirror that I can see my reflection on. It looks so smooth and too delicate to touch. My eyes are concentrated on the bright light making everything else seems dim. The bright shining light makes me feel hopeful.

Photo Observation #8

1. Stage Lighting II


3. Desire.

4. It’s no secret that almost everyone’s desire is to be on the big stage. The bright, white lights that surround the enthusiastic singer from ten different angles around him. These lights make him the center of attention. Four blue spotlights hang from the very top of stage, beaming down on the stage, giving it a serene and “cool” feel. All the lights on stage illuminate the action on stage and light up the darkness that surrounds the wild audience. The lighting on the singers and the stage indicates that it is their time to shine.

5. Capture