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Photo Observation


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Theme: Gentle

Description: The only light in the room comes from a stuffed animal turtle projector, which shines softly on the boy as he sleeps. The light makes the boy look very peaceful. The fact that the light comes from a stuffed animal rather than a nightlight plugged into the wall makes the light much more gentle, as stuffed animals generally have connotations of being comforting. The projected stars add to the effect, as they are less harsh than a beam from a typical nightlight. In addition, the light coming from the turtle is shades of blue, which is a calming and relaxing color. All of these elements make this the perfect gentle lighting for going to sleep.

light diagram

Lighting Observation

February 11th, 10:30pm, Location: LIE

Objective Description: driving home from Hofstra and seeing the bring stars, car lights and street lights light up the roads was truly a remarkable site.

Subjectice Description: As I was driving home after rehearsal, I was on the LIE and couldn’t help but recognize the stars and few car lights on the road. It is amazing how these stars can light up a whole sky. The reflection of the lights hitting off the snow on the road made the snow look magical and cloudlike. Even though the night was freezing, the night sky and car lights guided me home and made my drive relaxing



Lighting Observation 1

Date: 1-30-16 Time: 10:45 Location: Outside Roosevelt Field

Objective Description: When leaving the parking lot of Roosevelt Field Mall the contrast between the parking garage lighting and the outside lighting was truly remarkable.

Subjective Description: As i walked to my car from a stressful day of work, I couldn’t help but be bothered by the fluorescent lighting in the parking garage. This just made me annoyed and a little more stressed. As soon as I pulled out of the bright parking garage I was hit by this calming darkness that was lit by the sky and the few street lights. Suddenly, I became calm and didn’t mind being out. It seemed that all my stress and frustration from serving snotty people coffee at Starbucks just left my body.

Photo Observation #6 – The Night Sky

1. 800px-Night_Sky_Stars_Trees_02


3. Inspiring.

4. The world is full of many inspirations, but nothing compares to the twinkling of the night sky.  Most people can spend hours stargazing and making wishes upon the bright, dazzling stars. The stars watch over us at such an incredible height with their white lights cascading over the earth, bringing light to the dark sky. The stars surround the equally beautiful moon that reflects the light from the sun. The moon and the stars are a wonderful contrast to the dark sky by illuminating the night with their intense white light. Their vibrant glow lights the way for us to follow our dreams.

Lighting Observation #7

1. 3:30 AM, March 9th, 2013 Calkins Quad

2. The moonlight, helped by a single white spotlight, stretches out across the quad.

3. My friend and I decided to go for a walk late at night because we felt like being spontaneous. We wanted to go on an adventure. A journey. We found ourselves walking along south side campus, nothing out of the ordinary until we reached Calkins Quad. Finally, the moment we had been waiting for was right in front of us. Discovery. Although we both knew the effect was caused by a light frost and the moonlight, the quad looked as though a billion stars had fallen from the sky and landed on the ground. It was enchanting. We slowly walked step by step to the center of the abyss of stars. Looking around we saw millions of little prisms of light flickering like glitter. It was magical, as if we had walked into a fairy forest. Standing in the quad, in the early hours of the morning, we were filled with the joy and excitement one gets while on a journey. Although, we were no Harry Potter or Frodo Baggins, looking at the sight of our surroundings, you would have thought we were in an enchanted forest.