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Surreal Photo

Theme: Surreal

The shadows and slightly foggy area surrounding here contrasts with the light that is so bright and concentrated on her torso, and makes her look almost cartoon-like. It also adds a feeling of mystery as her face and most of her body are blurred and barely visible.

Final Photo Observation Photo by Laura Cammarata (Arual) from

Theme: Surreal

Description: I think that the lighting in this picture aids its surreal subject because he seems very flat and unnatural. The color of the light also gives him an almost sickly look, making him seem even more unrealistic. I think the surreal theme is extended further because not all of the subject is visible due to shadow, and the light modeling on his face is minimal due to what appears to be a flash being used.

Final Photo Observation


3) Surreal

4) It is a sunset with the moon already in the sky.  What makes it interesting is golden hour colors mixed with evening sunset colors makes it look different.  It is that reason why I picked it and why it is a surreal image.

Photo Observation:

What, Where: perspective photography of a street floor.

Theme: Surreal

Description: This picture most notably gives the surreal impression by its content. Having the three arranged on the floor, it appears that gravity has changed in a dream like manner. Also important is the lighting. The sunlight gives a even flow of light with a slight shadow angle. These even wash in uncommon due to the arrangement of people, but gives a bizarre effect.

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Photo Observation

From: linked on, saved on my computer, not sure where the original link is from.

3) THEME: Surreal

4) DESCRIPTION: What is most surreal about this image is that nothing about is faked or photoshopped. I was looking at another image of a man walking near a flying bird, where the shadows had been doctored to look like a knight and a dragon, but I choose this instead because these are created pieces of art that are photographed as they exist in the real world. The light in these images creates a shadow that feels surreal and unnatural because without that light, I would not know that the thing I was looking at would cast that shadow. Most objects cast a shadow that is a distortion of the object itself. In these works, the object is the distorted image, and the light and shadows create the object itself.



Photo Observation


3)Theme : Surreal

4)Contextual, cloudy day where the girl is so contrasted into the light of the sky she appears to be a mannequin. Water is calming and reflecting off the water and onto the girls skin.


Final Photo Observation

1.) Photo located at

2.) Surreal

3.) This photo feels surreal to me because of the bright light shining out from the background and the effect it has on the vinage hanging in the center of the photo. It’s really incredible the effect the light has shining through the leaves, which feels like a moment from a dream. The muted grey of the mists and multi tones of green shrouded in white light reflecting through water droplets. Lastly, because of the rain, the right hand side the leaves look like they’re melting which I think is rather surreal, something you’d expect in a Dahli!

Photo Observation

This is taken from someone’s Flickr page at:

Dave and German Expressionist film shadows

– I’m not totally familiar with what Flickr is, but it seems to be a source of many photos.



Well, something about the criss-crossing shadows from the pillars here, as well as the figure lit from behind. It all seemed very nightmare-like and surreal. We cannot see the figure’s face, and he seems tiny against the long shadows. There are no shadows behind him, only in front. They seem a spider-web, and he a spider.

Light Observation

1) 4-29-11, 12 am  Next door neighbors light outside my window

2) light was annoying, but it created cool effect in my yard

3) I couldn’t sleep so I opened my window and just looked outside, hanging my head out. Some cat came by and tripped the motion sensor lights. Once this happend the cat made a shadow across my garage door. It made it look giant and it walked slowly, it created a very creepy effect.  It didn’t last that long because the cat ran away a while after, probably afraid of its own shadow. For this brief time I felt like the shadow could tell a story or give anonymity to an audience. If a light was used offstage to tell a story through shadows, leaving the audience in suspense until they find out details later.