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Photo observation 8

1. Christmas Tree

2. Photo Taken by Kelley Malloy

3. Theme: Dealer’s Choice

4. Christmas lights will always be my favorite source of lighting. Their comforting glow is such a happy reminder of childhood that I cannot resist them. They are bright and cheery during the cold of winter, and in my personal opinion they are the only good thing about winter at all.

Photo Observation: Dealer’s Choice



3) Dealer’s Choice

4) This photo is full of emotion. Confusion, fun, awe, enchantment, wonder, life, excitement and energy are all represented through the shapes and colors. It amazes me how much is packed into this one picture. We always talk about how lighting serves to tell a story. This photo has such a sense of ambiguity in its content that there are so many different stories that can be told. It’s up to the interpretation of the audience.

Photo Observation #8: Dealer’s Choice

  1. PICTURE-045-CURVES-CE-800x600
  2. Theme: Dealer’s Choice
  3. I’ve found myself walking late at night lately. Strangely, I have discovered comfort in loneliness which feels funny to say, but is completely legitimate. This photo really captures that emotion for me. The benches are barren, the cobbled street deserted except for this bright light that casts itself against the shadows of the stone. The light provides comfort to the emptiness of the street, but does not replace that which is not there. The loneliness is still present, yet, the light creates a warmth that one gets when they are told by a close friend, “Everything is going to be ok.” This picture has a melancholy beauty because of the light and how it fills the darkness without overpowering it, nor taking over. It is a perfect mixture between light and dark that works together, in opposition of how light and dark is usually depicted as fighting each other.  In this case, they coexist. The light gently lays it’s rays across the bricks and stone, and the darkness accepts it, allowing the light to  melt into it’s creases and edges, until it slowly dissolves. What is most intriguing is how a peaceful emotion can be created in such dark light. I am interested in how to create this same light and effect on the stage, because I think it is an extremely powerful image.

Photo Observation #8

1) blackjack


3) Dealer’s Choice

4) Well I took the Dealer’s Choice theme a little too literally. This is a picture of a Blackjack table (in case you couldn’t figure it out). What I find intriguing about this picture is how the light is focused solely on the table. Aside from the hands that creep into the light, the only thing lit are the cards because those are the only things that matter, a basic lighting principle, I’m sure. It also adds this feeling of powerful manipulation. Not being able to see the figures placing bets and controlling vast amounts of money, except for when their hand occasionally  slips in to do something, gives it a mysterious quality of outside forces acting upon the situation that one is entirely unaware to.

Photo Observation

What, Where: One of my friend’s photo projects, her name is Ashley, she is near candles, its exciting.

Theme: Dealers Choice: Candles

Description: This picture portrays concern because of the unnatural angle of shadow made by the candles onto Ashley’s face. It also has a disturbing amount of curiosity about the story she is telling, due to the pure darkness behind her. I find the symmetry in the sources to be interesting and playful, but the orange glow to be frustrating and illumination.

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Photo Observation: Dealer’s Choice

Theme:  Hopeful


I chose this picture because I think it’s pretty and I liked the way the light shone in front of the couple’s faces.  The feather and hair that’s back lit in the photo is also very nice looking, and I think invokes the feeling of hope and impending prosperity.